REVIEW: Don’t overturn the entropy of the world. Tenet mainly washes with himself Culture

PRAGUE The creator of the intricate film adventures The Beginning or Interstellar Christopher Nolan has built another puzzle for his fans, in which the passage of time plays a major role. In a spy thriller, he sometimes goes backwards.

The premiere of the expected Christopher Nolan film could have taken place in mid-June, but for well-known reasons it was postponed until this week. Or maybe even later and today, a copy with perverted entropy would come to us from the future – something would suggest it, but it certainly can’t be said.

The central principle of the film with a mysterious title Tenet it is precisely the possibility of reversing the flow of time, both selectively for certain objects or persons, and possibly for the whole world, which, however, would mean the end of everything we know.

On the other hand, people from the future could benefit from this, to whom our world would clear the field and provide a pleasant place to exist in the reverse flow of time. With the paradox that without their ancestors it would be difficult to be born, future (but in the turned world past) people will somehow cope.

Image Tener (2020).  Director: Christopher Nolan.
Image Tener (2020).  Director: Christopher Nolan.

About science

Christopher Nolan claims that in the film about the struggle of the future world with ours, he “roughly sticks to the findings of current science”. That sounds great, of course, and the film even quotes Nobel laureate Richard Feynman, who came up with the theory of positrons as electrons of passengers back in time in the late 1940s.

However, there is still a long way to go from such a positron to an object that jumps from the table into the palm of the hand instead of dropped from his hand on the table. On the other hand, if the filmmaker has the invention and courage of Christopher Nolan, he can work with such a principle like a bun in a shop.

And so all sorts of things happen in Tenet: after going through a special turnstile, one can walk against the flow of time in the ordinary world, and at the same time still interact with the environment (only the air has to take with it in an oxygen mask, the one from the reverse flow of time could not breathe ).

However, everything happens the other way around, so for example, after contact with fire, he has frostbite instead of burns … It is also possible to make a time bypass in a larger group of people and get to one place in space-time from the past and future. In order not to make it too easy, when it suits you, you can switch and flow in harmony with the surroundings during a trip against the flow of time.

Beautiful oligarch woman

The audience of Nolan’s new film is likely to be divided into those who will try to keep up with the principles presented, which contradict common logic (and in about two-thirds of the film some of them will have a headache), and those who are satisfied with seeing effectively special a variation on an action spy thriller, where sometimes someone or something works a little weird, ammunition jumps from dimples in the wall into weapons, and some people go backwards or need a breathing mask.

For viewers who go to the cinema to relax and not abuse their brains, Nolan, on the other hand, offers a very easy-to-digest level of narration in which only the usual and expected things happen: the protagonist called the Protagonist (John David Washington) is a courageous agent who enters services of Tenet, which aims to save the world.

The immediate threat is posed by billionaire Andrei Sator (Kenneth Branagh), a Russian oligarch in exile who originally became rich at home to rehabilitate areas contaminated by nuclear pollution. Sator tries to build an infernal machine (or to put together a “algorithm” composed of material components and sent from the future).

Sator also has a wife named Kat (Elizabeth Debicki), with whom he has become estranged a long time ago, arguing with her about caring for his son and blackmailing her with evidence of her involvement in falsifying a certain image of Goya. The Protagonist thus becomes not only the savior of the world, but also an ally and protector of the beautiful Kat, for whom he and her son would probably do anything.

JD Washington’s and Kenneth Branagh’s performances correspond far more to this genre stereotype than to the knotted dimension of Nolan’s work. Robert Pattinson created a somewhat more sophisticated character as the hero’s partner Neil, whose role gradually becomes more important during the story. But even he does not bridge the somewhat smiling contradiction between the sophisticated camouflage and the banal essence of this film attraction: visually captivating, undoubtedly thoroughly thought-out and brain-disturbing spectacles, which, however, wash itself above all with itself.


UK, USA 2020

Režie: Christopher Nolan

Premiere August 27


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