Review overview: Billie Eilish in Ziggo Dome enchanting and lighter than before | NOW

Billie Eilish was in a sold-out Ziggo Dome on Saturday evening and managed to convince not only her fans, but also the critics. The twenty-year-old singer is praised for her interaction with the public and the tight performance.

It Password – gives no stars

“Fans of Billie Eilish are mainly female and young (some so young that they are accompanied by mom and dad in the Ziggo). Together they produce a lot of sound. Billiemania sounds like Beatlemania must have sounded long ago.”

“The twenty-year-old American singer handles all this excitement in an exemplary way. She constantly inquires whether everyone is okay, she asks the visitors every so often to take a few steps back, asks the security men to hand out water. If someone faints, she points the emergency services where they should be.”

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Fidelity – four stars

“Musically it was surprisingly not the danceable songs that made the most impression. Of course the roof went off with hits like Lost Cause in bad guy. But because of the somewhat swampy sound, the uptempo songs often lacked the sharpness that characterizes the studio versions.”

“Eilish made more of an impression when she lowered the tempo for a while. For example, with the beautiful acoustic version of Your Power, which she brought with brother Finneas. And the absolute outlier was when the party’s over, which was sung by Eilish with great feeling and where the singer showed that she can not only throw a great party, but also be able to move it.”

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NRC – four stars

“Remarkably more solid than before, her show is under construction: jumping hits, compelling ballads, a calm acoustic guitar part with Finneas – the strong Your Power – audience rapture from a crane that brings her closer to the top ring and then a pumping end section.”

“The visuals also stand out; of a creepy meter high spider (you should see me in a crown), to a highway and the gothic black tears in when the party’s over that started her success. Some songs only have a chorus (lovely), as a joint kit that brings together about 25 songs.”

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de Volkskrant – Five stars

“Eilish sings well, as far as can be determined, because everything is roared along verbatim by the mainly young girls’ voices. A strong block at the beginning, with NDA that nicely flows into a first dance moment at Therefore I Amis concluded professionally by Eilish with a round of polls along the stands.”

“Beautiful is it only accompanied by piano idontwannabeyouanymore, Goldwing is harmonically introduced beautifully and the sublime Oxytocin also provides a live dance climax.”

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