REVIEW Razer Kishi V2 or how to have fun with your favorite games on

I tested a Razer Kishi a year ago, a small device that turns your phone into a portable console, and now the company has launched the new, more refined model, at a time when gaming on the phone is becoming more and more interesting. .

Who is the Razer Kishi V2 for? For gamers who like mobile games or who have subscriptions to cloud gaming services and for the most competitive who want the best experience in their favorite game.

How much does it cost? On the official website Kishi V2 sells for 100 euros

Diablo Immortal was probably one of the biggest launches on mobile phones, whether it’s Android or iOS. For me, the game was very fun and in my opinion you can read it in this review. I played Diablo Immortal on my personal Android phone, but also on my PC, and when I had the opportunity to choose between the two, I chose my PC. Not only because of the bigger screen, but also because I had better control with the mouse and keyboard. Razer Kishi V2 has come and the choice is no longer in control because with this device from Razer to play games on the phone has never been easier, but before talking about the user experience to review the design of this gadget.

Razer Kishi V2 is a controller that can be attached to any Android phone with UBS-C, with certain limitations in terms of size. It works with phones with a maximum length of 170 mm and a maximum thickness of 11.5 mm. I tried Kishi V2 with three phone models (Samsung Note 20 Ultra, OnePlus 9 and Sony Xperia 1 IV) and I had no problems with any.

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Returning to the Kishi V2, this is not as compact as the original Kishi when not in use because the extension system is created differently this time. It’s not a problem, I even prefer this system because it is more robust. Kishi V2 is about 22 centimeters long and weighs 284 grams. It has a USB-C jack that connects to the phone and a USB-C jack on the outside with which you could charge your phone when you play. You can’t connect headphones with a UBS-C adapter through this port, for example, but you can use any kind of wireless headset via bluetooth connection with your phone.

The Razer Kishi V2 is made of plastic, but the construction seems solid, and the Razer branding is minimal with a discreet logo on the middle and side. It has four classic buttons (X, Y, A, B), two analog thumbsticks that can be pressed, a mechanical D-pad, two triggers (L1, L2 and R1, R2), a menu button, one for options and a share, then there are two more buttons M1 and M2 next to the trigger and can be programmed for certain functions in games.

It is essentially a complex controller that is no better than an ordinary Xbox or PlayStation controller. Okay, but what do you do with a phone controller? Well, you play complex Android games much easier and you don’t even cover your phone screen with your fingers. What kind of games? Virtually all Android games that have been created and optimized for control with such a device. Simply put, some games will recognize Kishi, others will not.

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Titles like Diablo Immortal, Grimvalor, BC Portal, Asphalt 9, SW: Kotor, Dead Cells, Action Squad work without problems. However, some popular titles such as Brawl Stars, Call of Duty Mobile or Apex Legends cannot be used with Razer Kishi V2, although for Call of Duty Mobile there is a method of connecting another controller to the phone via Bluetooth, then the game recognizes input from Razer Kishi V2.

But the cool thing is that you can play AAA games in the cloud directly on your phone very easily using this controller. I tried titles like God of War or Cyberpunk from Nvidia GeForce Now and the user experience was very good. Likewise, you can play on Stadia or on Xbox Cloud Streaming when it will be available in Romania. It could also be used for remote play sessions, when you don’t feel like sitting in a chair in front of the desk and you want to play in bed, through which you can stream the game from PC to phone via Steam Link or Xbox Remote Play .

The user experience is very good, the controller attaches well to the phone, and the buttons are pleasant to the touch and respond well to commands. The edges are rounded and so you can use the controller longer without bothering.

Because the phone’s USB-C connection is used, I didn’t see any latency or input lag when using the controller, as might occur with bluetooth-connected controllers. The buttons are well placed and the control is intuitive, and those who use Xbox controllers will feel at home with the Razer Kishi V2. The only problem I have with the triggers that seem a bit crowded, especially since in the same area were integrated those programmable buttons M1 and M2, which can be accidentally pressed in “fighting fires”. Compared to Kishi, this new version has microswitches that are better than the previous version. Another improvement is that the Kishi V2 is compatible with a larger number of phones due to the fact that it can extend a bit more.

At the software level, the controller works without having to install any extra software for it on the phone, but you can install the Razer Nexus application to be able to use that share button, and from there you can do firmware updates for the device, you can remap the buttons and find all the games installed on your phone and other game suggestions that you could try.

Returning to the Razer Kishi V2, this controller seems perfect for gamers who want a good gaming experience even when they are away from the console or PC. Razer Kishi V2 is not a cheap device and at the moment you can find it at a price of 100 euros. Note that this controller is only compatible with phones with Android 9 or later. Those with iPhones will have to wait for the version created especially for Apple phones that will be launched sometime this fall.

Before you buy it, you should check if your favorite Android game is compatible with Razer Kishi V2. Otherwise it seems to me a good companion for long journeys by train or plane when you want to have fun and other than watching a movie or a series.