Review: “Star Wars: Andor” S01E07 – Episode 7 – The Consequences of the Rebel Attack

After the action in Episode 6 of “Star Wars: Andor” focused primarily on the rebel attack on the Imperial base on Aldhani, several storylines are now radiating out. It continues with the story about Syril Karn, we also visit Ferrix and Aldhani again, and then quite a lot happens in several places on Coruscant. There are also a few Easter Eggs, and the story develops further in the direction of an exciting political thriller. The science fiction theme remains only an accessory.

But that’s not too bad, because “Andor” continues to tell the story at a high level, despite the change of author and director after episode 6. The development of Mon Mothma, who secretly continues to search for allies to raise money for the rebellion, is very exciting to acquire. You have to act carefully and plan the next moves politically skilfully – that was told very charmingly. She is also quite excited to drop by Rael’s, where she questions whether the attack on Aldhani was Rael’s doing. She fears a retaliation from the Empire, and so does Rael. He wants to show what the Empire is really like to startle the people of the galaxy – and the plan succeeds.

First of all, the imperial secret service ISB introduces new surveillance rules, above all – quite surprisingly – Wullf Yularen, who fought in the clone wars and who we also know from the Star Wars film Episode IV. He has good connections with the Emperor and with Grand Admiral Thrawn, whose first live-action appearance was hinted at in Season 2 of The Mandalorian – we’ll probably see it in the Ahsoka series then.

Speaking of the ISB, here’s a breakdown of how the Rebel Alliance was able to succeed in the first place – by the Empire dividing the galaxy into sectors that don’t communicate with each other. The rebels take advantage of this, stealing technology in one sector and using it in the other. A small highlight on the side: The planet Ord Mantell is also mentioned, which was the starting point of various rebel activities and where clone unit 99 was already active in “The Bad Batch”.

With the new surveillance and security measures in place, Stormtroopers also appear for the first time in the series – Star Wars fans have had a long wait, although to be honest I haven’t missed them until now. They are also on Ferrix, where the Empire is now based and continues to search for Cassian Andor. A strong moment for me is Andor’s flashback, when the empire first landed on Ferrix: We don’t see Stormtroopers here, but actually clone troopers, whose inhibitor chip must have just been activated.

In the end, Andor leaves Ferrix again to go into hiding on Niamos – which he does not succeed, however, because the Empire now finds something suspicious in every behavior – punishments are indiscriminately imposed, the inhabitants of the planets are intimidated – breeding ground for the rebel movement. You can also see the rather rare Shoretroopers and security droids on Niamos, which further intimidate the residents. This is almost certainly not K-2SO from “Rogue One” by the way, but a simple KX security droid. But still a very nice idea, because of course everyone mentally makes the connection directly.

So the series continues to tell the story of Andor at a pleasingly high level. We can look forward to a hopefully very exciting second half of the season.

Pictures: Lucasfilm

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