Review the artist menu for Telethon 2022

Telethon 2022 already has its defined artists. The event will take place on November 11 and 12 at the Palacio de los Deportes, Heredia.

This year’s goal is to raise ₡500 million for the purchase of an extracorporeal circulation pump, which will allow cardiac surgeries to be performed at the National Children’s Hospital.

The call for artists has the support of national and international talent.

The foreign artists will be Galy Galiano, interpreter of I drank your memory In a little motel among other; Osmani García with his famous theme The Taxi; Adolescents Orchestra, who will make the audience present and at home dance to the rhythm of salsa; in addition to the group Lagos and Melina de León, with their songs Monaco y when a womanrespectively.

From Colombia, two of the most listened to singers on Costa Rican radio, Arelys Henao and Yeison Jiménez, will be in charge of closing the marathon on November 12.

In terms of Costa Rican talent, figures such as Tapón, Kavvo, Fátima Pinto and La Kuarta stand out.

You can review the line up complete at this link.

How to collaborate?

From now on, Ticos can join Telethon 2022 with their contribution, through duly identified piggy banks throughout the country or through the digital channels that are already enabled.

Those who wish to collaborate can do so in various ways. The first, in the SINPE Móvil donation platform, where all they have to do is enter the site from their cell phone, select the bank associated with the SINPE Móvil account, enter the amount to donate and, finally, give send to the text message to which the site will redirect you.

Telephone 8755-2030 will also be available to receive donations through this electronic transfer service.

Via text messaging: 2030 to donate 5,000 and 2034 to donate 10.000.

Please note that you can also call the following landline numbers:

  • 900-400-1000 can donate ₡1,000.
  • 900-400-2000 to donate ₡2,000.
  • 900-400-3000 to donate ₡3,000.
  • 900-400-5000 to donate ₡5,000.
  • 900-400-9000 to donate ₡9,000.