Rewe customer shows photo of purchase – animal detail causes a stir

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Created: 3/30/2023 7:59 am


A Twitter user presents his purchase; and also unintentionally another secret star of the picture. © Screenshot7Twitter

Pictures of a supermarket yield abound on the Internet – mostly to draw attention to prices. But something else is creeping into the spotlight here.

Munich – It is an extensive purchase that a Rewe customer makes Twitter presents. In addition to various cleaning products, snacks, spreads and drinks can be seen in the published photo. So far, so normal; other users also regularly share their shopping experiences, such as a Kaufland customer who shared a disgusting photo from the supermarket and received mixed reactions.

At the same time, the buyer also reveals his personal highlights to his audience: mini meatballs and a branded herb spread. There also seems to be some fans of the spread in the comments. However, the general attention there is focused on another detail in the picture.

Simply beastly: Rewe shopping by supermarket customers causes a stir

The main focus of the picture is on the top right, with the secret star this post. Because even the Twitter user’s cat seems to have gotten hungry with this rich selection. Curiously, the house cat examines a pack of toast and presses his nose deep into the probably fragrant bread packaging. Which in turn causes amusement in the comments.

“The cat is hungry,” is the assumption of a user under the post. Others question the taste quality of the four-legged friend. “But cats are not vegan and they don’t taste good either,” commented one panelist on the picture. Another Twitter user disagreed: “Finally a vegan cat.” A reference to the fictional holiday character Alf, who is known to have a preference for the fluffy animals? The yield on the table is no longer entirely vegan, but with such a sweet curiosity, the veggie meatballs are certainly happy to share the fame; and the owner his purchase. (Niklas Mueller)