SAN FRANCISCO – When he was standing on the hill in the seventh inning, Madison Bumgarner was already in business looking at the bullpen. Bumgarner never wants to get out of a game, and there are times in his career when he saw a helper cook warmer and a bit hotter inside.

On Friday evening Bumgarner took a deep breath. He realized that he had a safety net in Reyes Moronta, a beginner he already trusted. Bumgarner later told reporters that he knew he did not have to give in to Matt Olson or Matt Chapman, two powerful young batsmen. He could continue to work on the corners instead of possibly leaving a groundbreaking pitch on the record as his energy began to fade. Bumgarner went both Matts. Moronta took care of the rest.

The 25-year-old right-hander came out of a base without the Giants having a lead in the seventh round. They drove to a 7-1 win over the A & # 39; s.

"This is an incredible job," said Bumgarner. "This is a difficult point to get someone in. I mean … he did as good a job as you could do in this situation, it's a big momentum change, that was the game for us."

Moronta was put into a nasty jam after Bumgarner's sharp command disappeared. Stephen Piscotty led the seventh with a single and Bumgarner left Olson and Chapman before Bruce Bochy came out with the hook. It was an easy decision for a variety of reasons, including the hitter on deck. Chad Pinder had hired Bumgarner in the fifth inning.

Moronta hit Pinder 2-2 and then buried him in the zone with an 82 mph slider.

"I've been working on it all winter," Moronta said through the interpreter Erwin Higueros. "I trust him a lot, I saw that it worked, so I threw it on."

The next batsman, Jonathan Lucroy, gently slammed a slider into the third, and for a fraction of a second it seemed Moronta was out of the inning. Pablo Sandoval made a dive stop and jumped to third place. Piscotty had broken home and broke away immediately. The two lay down at the same time, and Piscotty came back a few inches when Sandoval's glove was in the dirt. The piece was so close that the giants paused to see if they should check it out.

Moronta just bounced back to get Nick Prick-hitter Nick Martini. The left-hander got a 97 mph fastball in the 2: 0 count and ended up harmless enough. Moronta pumped his fist and hit the dugout where Bumgarner waited with a hug.

Moronta lowered its ERA to 1.76. He has not scored in his last 12 games.

"It's huge for us, you have such a weapon," Bochy said. "This sixth inning, this seventh, both seem like huge innings when you need a guy to bail you out, you have a 98 with a good ball. He has saved us so many times since he came here is. "


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