Rezé. The Municipality: the butcher’s artists react

Following the eviction of the occupants of 53, rue de la Commune in 1871, which took place on the morning of October 12, the Artists de la Boucherie collective joined in the defense of the place and the reinstatement of its team at most. quickly, so as not to destroy the programming of events set up with the neighborhood.

La Boucherie des arts is interested in the activities of the inhabitants of the Municipality and the district, federated from this place. The process of appropriating multiple forms of civic life, in particular the arts and culture, creates a dynamic that benefits neighboring structures.

For this reason, the Boucherie des arts is attached to the existence and maintenance of the Municipality. Its disappearance would be damaging to the neighborhood’s reputation for friendliness and to all those who invest in it, say the artists.

Contact. The artists’ collective of the Boucherie des Arts at 30, rue Félix-Faure in Rezé.