Rezé will ask the opinion of its inhabitants on the creation of a municipal police

The city of Rezé will consult its inhabitants on the creation of a municipal police. The vote will take place in October after public meetings in June and September. The decision was made following the citizen conference on public tranquility – 23 Rezéens drawn by lot who, after working on the subject, issued 65 recommendations. And here’s what it’s going to lead to.

A consultation in the fall

First, so on this consultation in the fall. The inhabitants of Rezé will have to choose between the creation of a municipal police or more mediators and ASVPs, public road surveillance officers, eight positions are planned. The objective is for them to be on the ground, alongside the inhabitants, until 8 p.m. in the evening but also on weekends and during certain events.

No more CCTV

The city will also install more cameras on public buildings since the degradations have decreased on those who are already equipped. On the other hand, no more video surveillance cameras because the eight which are in the Château district and on the main artery which goes from Pont-Rousseau to the Océane shopping center have certainly made it possible to help solve investigations but not to prevent delinquent acts.

Citizen participation mechanism

Finally, regarding burglaries – which increased by 51% in 2020 before falling again last year – there, the city has already joined the “citizen participation” system. These are volunteers, in the neighborhoods, responsible for alerting the police in the event of suspicious behavior or events.

A lack of national police personnel according to the town hall

At the same time, the town of Rezé continues to regularly request national police reinforcements. Because currently, there is regularly only one crew, at night, for the towns of Rezé and Saint-Sébastien-sur-Loire.

Prevention and support for victims

It also intends to do all the work of prevention and support for victims. In terms of prevention, for seniors, for example, with training to help them no longer be victims of abusive canvassing or breach of trust. But also for identify child and adolescent victims of sexual violence as early as possible. City agents like the Atsem will be trained to spot the signs but also to know how to hear the words of the victims and know what to do to help them.

A house of public tranquility

Finally, the city will dedicate a place clearly identified to public tranquility, at the former tax office. In this “house of public peace”, the inhabitants will be able for example report neighborhood problemsfind psychological help if they find themselves victims or advice in the event of legal proceedings.