Rhein-Wied sprinters dominate in Ludwigshafen at the indoor Rhineland-Palatinate championship

Message from 01/25/2022

The athletes of the LG Rhein-Wied showed two days packed with top placings at the Hallen-Rheinland-Pfalz championship of track and field athletes. After the youngsters of the U18 age group had already won numerous medals in Ludwigshafen a week earlier, the active and the youth U20 seamlessly followed on from these results.

The Rhein-Wieder U20 squad was smaller than the active squad, but performed perfectly. Both relays won silver. Photo: LG Rhein-Wied/Dieter Loesch

Neuwied. Especially on the short distances there was no getting past the Rhein-Wiedern. Six medals were awarded in the women’s and men’s 60 meters, all of which went to the sprinters from the combination of Neuwied, Andernach, Oberlahnstein, Koblenz and Waldbreitbach. Pascal Kirstges, who was the only one to stay below the seven-second mark (preliminary: 6.99; final: 6.96), led the quadruple victory ahead of Lennert Kolberg (7.04), Mario Hoeder Riveros (7.11; pre-run: 7.08) and Florian Raadts (7.15; pre-run: 7.08).

The Rhein-Wieder also left their mark on the indoor round in a way that could hardly be more convincing. Lennart Roos did without the 60m final and concentrated fully on the 200m. It paid off. He improved his personal best set just two weeks ago in Dortmund to 21.91 seconds, which means qualification for the German indoor championship (norm: 21.95), and thus won the Rhineland ranking ahead of Kirstges (22.32), Kolberg (22, 70) and Hoeder Riveros (22.95, personal best).

The women were in no way inferior to this fantastic performance. Here, the finish order over the shortest distance was Lena Brunnhübner ahead of Jessica Roos (7.81; pre-run: 7.75) and Viktoria Müller. Brunnhübner set the standard in the heat with a house record of 7.55 seconds and added 7.58 seconds in the final. Viktoria Müller, who, almost as expected, also won the hurdles (season best of 8.45 seconds), equaled her four-year-old indoor best of 7.82 seconds.

While no Rhein-Wiederin reported for the 200 meters, Radha Fiedler faced her 400-meter special and fulfilled her role as favorite (58.05). Carolina Menrath was third in the state and second in the association ranking (1:00.15 minutes). As the 800-meter third in Rhineland-Palatinate and new Rhineland Champion (2:27.78 minutes), she also joined the list of double medal winners.

The fact that the men’s 4×200-meter relay raced to gold was the logical consequence of the individual performance. Roos, Kirstges, Kolberg and Hoeder Riveros finished in 1:29.93 and won by nine seconds. Away from the track, the duel between Dennis Lukas and Leon Schwöbel developed in the shot put. The Renneroder set a best indoor performance of 18.91 meters and thus took second place behind the favorite. In total, there were 14 medals for the men and women of the Rhein-Wied regional championship (six gold, four silver, four bronze) and 15 in the association ranking (seven gold, five silver, three bronze).

U20: Miriam Rühle lands double victory
The Rhein-Wieder U20 squad was smaller but performed perfectly. All five individual starts by Irina Fischbach, Eric Kreuter, Robin Pluymackers and Miriam Rühle ended with gold runs and personal best times. Fischbach and Kreuter prevailed over 400 meters in 59.19 and 52.79 seconds respectively, Robin Pluymackers led the 800 meter field (2:00.01) and Miriam Rühle managed a brace over 60 (8.15) and 200 meters (26.42). The relays fought exciting duels with the teams from Mainz. The female U20 team, made up of Miriam Rühle, Irina Fischbach, Marie Brocker and Lena Kuppert, took silver just behind TSV Schott Mainz (1:47.44 minutes). The male U20s with Robin Franz, Robin Pluymackers, Leon Kuppert and Eric Kreuter finished after 1:37.60 minutes behind USC Mainz.

further results

60 meters: 18. Philipp Schlaus 8.20 seconds.
200 meters: 14. Philipp Schlaus 28.39 seconds.
Shot put 10. Philipp Schlaus 8.78 meters.

60 meters: 13. Kira Roscher 8.62 seconds.

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