Rhineland-Palatinate Minister of Justice calls for regulation of Telegram – RT DE

27 Sep. 2021 06:15 clock

After the murder in Idar-Oberstein, Herbert Mertin, Justice Minister of Rhineland-Palatinate, calls for stricter regulation of messenger services such as Telegram. Telegram should be classified as a social network so that the Network Search Act can be applied to it.

After the murder of a 20-year-old petrol station employee in Idar-Oberstein (RT DE reported) demanded the Rhineland-Palatinate Justice Minister Herbert Mertin (FDP) for a report by SWRthat so-called “hate crime” on the Internet must be combated by all means of the rule of law. Mertin emphasized that there should be no “hiding places” or loopholes on the Internet:

“And if they exist, they must be closed immediately.”

According to Mertin, hate messages were mainly spread via the messenger service Telegram after the murder case. There are also indications that Telegram uses public groups and channels to spread “conspiracy theories” and “right-wing extremist ideas”. In contrast to social media such as Facebook, Telegram does not censor any content, not even extremist content, which has been criticized by some. In this context, Mertin called for any ambiguities in dealing with the messenger provider to be eliminated:

“In the interests of effective and speedy criminal prosecution, clarity must be quickly created as to whether service providers such as Telegram are subject to the requirements of the Network Enforcement Act.”

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So far, the Network Search Act has not been applied to messenger services such as Telegram, as these are not considered social networks. However, critics assume that Telegram should not be classified as a pure messenger service. The Green Bundestag member Konstantin von Notz said to the Deutschlandfunk For example, that he actually does not consider Telegram a pure messenger, but a social network, since Telegram groups can consist of thousands of members. Federal Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD) had already announced that services such as Telegram should be more strictly regulated in the future.

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According to Mertin, the service providers would then be obliged to open up complaints against illegal content and, if necessary, to remove the content. From February 2022, they would also be obliged to report criminal content, such as incitement to hatred, to the Federal Criminal Police Office.

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