Star Wars: The Last Jedi Director Rian Johnson gets his Knife out – and put together an incredibly loaded plaster for his upcoming murder mystery.

According to diversity, Oscar winner (and star of this year's critically revered) HereditaryToni Collette is the newest member of Knife out Cast, which includes Daniel Craig, Lakeith Stanfield, Chris Evans, Michael Shannon, Jamie Lee Curtis and Don Johnson. Production starts as you read, as a set photo shows, recently released by the director on Twitter.

Fresh from the success of (and crazy shared fan reaction from) The last Jedi, Johnson – who also wrote the script for the eighth entry in this war of stars Franchise – goes back to its roots and takes the audience to a curvy, Agatha Christie inspired Whodunit in the form of his outstanding debut film brick, As previously reported, the author-director will soon return to a distant galaxy to work on a completely new one war of stars Trilogy – but with Disney made the wise decision to withdraw their tide of recent times a little war of stars After the releases, Johnson had more time to take on a project that was somewhat less loaded with the fans' expectations.

deadline reports that Craig, former and future James Bond and Stanfield, stepped out of the indie's critical darling Sorry for bothering youBoth will be detectives trying to uncover the mystery box of a puzzle that Johnson has prepared for them. As for the rest of this amazing cast, their roles are not yet specified – but they are probably all the most feared on suspicion of murder. We can only hope that Johnson – as Christie would have – gathered them all together in one place at the end of the movie to be raked by our two intrepid detectives about the Hercule-Poirot style coals. That alone would be worth the price.

Knife out is expected to hit the screens in 2019.


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