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Guatemalan singer Ricardo Arjona became the center of criticism due to the lyrics of one of his most popular hits, the song Womena theme that has been taken to demonstrate the machismo of this letter.

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It all started through the app TikTok, in which the trend that seeks to ridicule and do less to the female sex went viral and the mistakes they make are emphasized. The video has the theme mentioned by Arjona in the background.

In said trend he began to be labeled as macho and in the comments you can read that users reject this act, “I know we have mistakes but this trend seems unnecessary to me” and “It is not the only song by Arjona that is macho”.

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The part of the song that says “I don’t know who invented them, I don’t know who did us that favor, it had to be God” is being used, as a joke, to accompany images in which women make mistakes on the street, such as not parking properly.

It should be noted that this is not the first time the Guatemalan has been branded as macho, since the lyrics of some of his songs can be heard with macho connotations, as in the song Tú mi amor, where he says “I like to see you in the kitchen with a frying pan in hand” and in the song Nube de luz, where it says “While you prepare the coffee in panties in the kitchen”.

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Both the trend and the lyrics of the song have been harshly criticized due to the lack of sensitivity to issues as sensitive as gender violence It affects millions of women.

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