Ricardo Ciciliano “is better,” says his mother

Doña Azalia Bustillo’s voice of concern and anguish is noted. Ricardo Ciciliano’s mother and the whole family have been praying and in suspense for the health of the ex-footballer atlanticense, who last Monday was confined in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the La Asunción Clinic, after relapsing into pneumonia that he had already had it 20 days in the same medical center during the month of August.

Time after being discharged, Ciciliano felt bad again and they took him urgently to the La Asunción Clinic last Monday, on Friday his health condition worsened, with serious respiratory difficulties and there was the need to intubate him.

However, on the morning of this Sunday, the former creative midfielder for Junior, Millonarios, Tolima, Cali, Deportivo Pereira and Bucaramanga, among other teams, has evolved better, in the words of Doña Azalia in dialogue with EL HERALDO.

“I was in crisis yesterday, but we already received a more favorable part, the miracle of God is being performed, the part was very favorable “, expressed Bustillo, with understandable feeling.

“For now I don’t think it will come out, just started his recovery, yesterday was very bad “, Ciciliano’s mother emphasized.

Mrs. Azalia clarifies that “Fortunately” Ciciliano has no Covid-19 and that all the tests to detect that disease have been negative. She explains that her son had been suffering from the flu without treating them in the best way and that very possibly led to pneumonia.

“He had not realized that he came with pneumonia, When he wanted to go to the doctor, the disease had already advanced a lot. He had been down for a long time, he took care of the flu as best he could and did not go to the doctor ”, says the mother.

“Thank God it is not Covid, all his tests came back negative. It is a badly treated flu that gave him pneumonia ”, he insists.

Before he was intubated, Ciciliano was conscious and talking with their relatives by phone. In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, visits and presence of people close to patients are restricted.

“Before that we talked every night, he told us that he was feeling better, that he was going to recover, he was giving us strength,” said Azalia Bustillo.



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