Ricardo Crespo was sentenced to 19 years in prison for sexually abusing his daughter

the mexican actor Ricardo Crespo was accused of having sexually abused of his daughter Valentina, who was a victim from the age of five to 14. According to the sentence, the former Garibaldi was found culpable of the aggravated sexual crime.

“On May 3 of this year, a Trial Judge of the Superior Court of Justice of Mexico City determined to sentence Ricardo N to 19 years in prison for having found him guilty of the crime of aggravated sexual abuse, committed continuously in tort of his daughter, the minor with a reserved identity with the initials VCR, who suffered these behaviors from the ages of 5 to 14,” the law firm announced.

After that, Ricardo Crespo He has been placed under preventive detention in the Reclusorio Sur of Mexico City. The investigations began when the minor decided to tell the truth on her social networks.

“In October of last year, I decided to speak first with my mother, my grandmother and brother. I tell them and ask them to please not do anything about it yet. It cost me too much, it was not easy for me. Obviously to this day I come to think that it was my fault. I come to think of all that, many things that come to my mind, but you know all those years that I had saved that were worse because I was killing myself inside alone, ”Valentina wrote in 2021.

According to the Mexican journalist Carlos Jiménez, it was the ex-wife of the “Control Z” actor who filed the complaint with the Prosecutor’s Office. “The very cynical ended up accepting it, he told him that it had happened, but that his daughter had been the culprit,” a source told TV Notas.

Who is Ricardo Crespo?

Ricardo Crespo is a Mexican actor and singer. He was part of the Garibaldi group for a long time and in his artistic career he has participated in at least 18 television projects.

Among them is “Get on my motorcycle”, the Amazon Prime Video series that recounts the musical career of the Menudo group and “A little bit of yours”. His last project was streaming, with Netflix, playing Gerry’s dad in the teen series “Control Z.”

He also worked for Televisa in the well-remembered youth novel “De poco fleas” in the role of Guillermo. He was present in some chapters of “La rosa de Guadalupe” and “Esta historia me resonates.”


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