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Gratitude is the memory of the heart. Ricardo Gareca made the final point of his stage official with the peruvian national team and decided to share it with all the fans from his official account Facebookwhere he has received thousands of thanks and affection from all the fans of ‘white-red‘ that, even, consider putting on the Peru diver again in the future.

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Grateful” was the phrase with which the ‘Tigre‘ sums up the mixed feelings to say goodbye after seven uninterrupted years of working with the peruvian national team and which ended in a controversial renewal attempt led by Agustin Lozanopresident of the Peruvian Football Federation.

The former technical director of Peru He accompanied the publication with a photograph where he is embraced by one of his directors at an emotional moment in his career, such as the classification to Russia 2018. The image was published in black and white as a sign of mourning, which is the feeling that apparently overwhelms the strategist today.

Ricardo Gareca shares a publication from his social networks (Photo: Facebook)

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Ricardo Gareca will tell his truth at a press conference

After the negotiation with the Peruvian Football Federation, Ricardo Gareca received the go-ahead from his family environment to return to Peru and take care of the pending issues that you still have, such as returning the car and the department that made it available to you delivered the FPF. The ‘Tigre’ You will also take advantage of your trip to Lima this Monday, to say goodbye to friends he made this season like Juan Carlos Oblitas, Nolbert Solano y Oscar Ibanez.

Ricardo Gareca He has shown special affection and respect for the fans of the Peruvian national team and it has been these feelings that have pushed him to organize a press conference this Tuesday July 19, in a Miraflores hotel to officially close his stage with the peruvian national teamand that some pending issues about his non-renewal with the ‘Blanquirroja’ be clarified.

Reactions of the international press on Ricardo Gareca
Different national and foreign media spoke about Ricardo Gareca and his departure from the Peruvian team after failing to reach an agreement with Agustín Lozano.

When does Ricardo Gareca return to Peru?

Ricardo Gareca He plans to return to Lima this weekend. The first to arrive was Nestor Binillophysical trainer of the ‘Tigre’, who set foot on Peruvian soil on Sunday morning to resolve issues related to the contracts for his home, services and the vehicle assigned to him by the FPF. A similar situation is what the Argentine DT will have to resolve, who sent Buenos Aires part of his most valuable belongings, according to some of his neighbors in Miraflores.

The coach confirmed that the long-awaited press conference in Lima will take place this Tuesday at 12:00 pm at the Hilton Hotel of Miraflores, despite the fact that from Videna they offered him the room where his hiring was made official seven years ago.

Ricardo Gareca fell into Lozano’s ‘trap’, Vladimir Vicentelo swears

Journalist Vladimir Vicentelofrom América Deportes, hinted that Agustin Lozanopresident of the FPF, would have designed a strategy to wear down the spirit of Ricardo Gareca to renew with peruvian national teamfor the events prior to his trip to Buenos Aires.

They tell us that regarding the operation that was carried out in Buenos Aires what the teacher’s answerRicardo) Gareca She wasn’t necessarily tied to the economic option that they had given her with this cut from what the Technical Command earned, here in the federation. What has bothered him a lot, to a great extent, have been the forms How did this negotiation take place?”, said the press man from the Seen.

The president of the federation, Agustin lozano, normally he doesn’t give statements, he doesn’t give lectures, we don’t see him much. One day before he was going to leave (to Argentina) he called most of the journalists to tell what was happening and explain that he was leaving with the proposal in hand and that everything basically depended on the position of the professor. Ricardo Garecalike throwing the responsibility to the Argentine coach”, said the journalist about an orchestrated plan with the intention of achieving the denial of the ‘Tigre’.

AGUSTÍN LOZANO leaves the video and is questioned about his negotiation with Ricardo Gareca (Photo: GEC)
AGUSTÍN LOZANO leaves the video and is questioned about his negotiation with Ricardo Gareca (Photo: GEC)

Who did Lozano send to negotiate the renewal of “Tigre”?

Ricardo Gareca did not even need to meet with Agustín Lozano, president of the FPF, to know that he could not continue in the FPF. In fact, not even Lozano was at the first meeting, he decided to send two representatives who have been receiving serious questions about his negotiating capacity.

It is the president of Atlético Grau, Arturo Ríos, and Juan Aurich, José Isla, two clubs that are not in the best situations in Peruvian football. What was most surprising is that these two leaders were chosen instead of the sports director of the Peruvian Football Federation, Juan Carlos Oblitas.

This choice of negotiators generated much criticism in various media outlets. “Who was defeated by the President of Atlético Grau, Arturo Ríos; the one from Aurich, José Isla; to receive the great responsibility of negotiating with Ricardo Gareca?”said Michael Succar in the Movistar Deportes program “Al Angle”.

Uribe’s options to choose the next DT

The sadness for the non-renewal of Ricardo Gareca is great, due to all the achievements obtained with the “Tiger”, however, this meant that there will be a vacant space for the position of coach of the Peruvian National Team. Julio Cesar Uribe was encouraged to consider his most outstanding options to occupy the white and red bench, being the main John Reynoso y Roberto Mosquera.

“Juan Reynoso is a good option, as is Roberto Mosquera. Without any doubt, he is also a good option. They are two elements in which one has more experience than the other, but both have values ​​and knowledge. They are people who would do a lot of good for our football.”said the former player in dialogue with RPP.