Ricciardo breaks Vettel's dominance in the Greater China Award

Ricciardo breaks Vettel's dominance in the Greater China Award

SHANGHAI – Australian Red Bull driver Daniel Ricciardo has broken all expectations in the China Grand Prix, the third stage of the Formula One World Championship, outperforming the Shanghai circuit despite his sixth-place finish. In an exciting race that took the lead more than once, Red Bull managed a clever strategy and his Australian driver and Dutch teammate Max Verstauben tried to overtake the win and broke the dominance of Ferrari driver Sebastien Vettel, China’s first and leading champion of the tournament. Ricciardo finished the race in first place, ahead of the driver of the Mercedes-Benz Valtieri Potas, and the last Ferrari driver Kimi Raikkonen. While Verstauben finished fourth, ahead of world champion Lewis Hamilton, the center was the last for a fine of ten seconds on the Dutch. Vettel, who finished eighth after frictions with Firshtaben, narrowed the gap between Hamilton and nine points (instead of 17). The race also gave Mercedes a one-point lead over Ferrari. “It looks like I’m not winning races, they’re all exciting and competitive,” said Ricciardo, The 28-year-old did not conceal his joy at the podium, pouring the champagne into his sneakers and drinking directly from him, in a ceremony that became a “tradition” for him. The Australian took advantage of a successful strategy for his team and safety car, which entered the ring after a collision between the cars of Toro Rosso of French Pierre Gassley and New Zealand Brandon Hartley. Red Bull called his drivers to the maintenance center to change their tires, and back with new tires that gave them preference over other drivers who had previously changed tires. Ricciado did not succeed in ending the Bahrain race after his fourth in Australia, the first phase of the tournament. In China, China’s race was only 10 laps to the end after former leader Potas overtook. Riquiardo was quick to pay tribute to his team, which managed to repair his engine on Saturday before the start of the qualifying trials, which was the sixth behind Verchtapen. “If I came back 24 hours ago, I thought we would be starting from the last positions, so first I want to thank the team for the work they did on Saturday,” he said. Vettel, who took the first place in front of Raikkonen, maintained his lead until the first stop at the center to replace the tires of his red car, but returned to the ring behind the Potas. The German rebounded further after fussing with Red Bull Firshtapen, who received a 10-second penalty for his timing after the race commissioners found him guilty of the accident. – “The Miracle” Red Bull – Disappointment appeared to be on the face of Potas, who was close to winning the race, before Ricciardio skipped a bold pass at a corner of the ring. We have done everything we can and I feel we should have won, but that has not happened today, “the Finn said. Red Bull’s Formula One win added more excitement and excitement after Ferrari and Vettel dominated the first two races of the season in Australia and Bahrain, as the speed of the Italian team was a surprise for many first-class players, especially Hamilton. After retreating from the Bahrain race, Ricciardo suffered from problems with his Renault engine, prompting Red Bull manager Christian Horner to confirm that his team needed a “miracle” to return Ricciardo to the ring two hours before the start of the first round of official tests yesterday. Indeed, the Austrian team made this “miracle” and added to it Sunday, knowing that the technical team worked hard on Saturday to return Ricciardo to the circuit about a minute before the scheduled start of tests on Saturday. Vettel and Raikkonen were unable to build on their advantage in Saturday’s trials. The German was the world champion four times, third in the Chinese race in lap 43 when he tried to overtake him, but Vettel closed the front, hitting him from the back, causing the two cars to turn on each other before they could continue the race. The 20-year-old Dutchman has been in contact with one of the country’s top drivers in Bahrain last week with Hamilton, who is seeking his fifth title at the World Championships, prompting the British to accuse Verchtapen of taking the cameras. “I do not think I have to say anything,” Vettel said Sunday.

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