Richard Lugner: Without a mask at the celebrity hairdresser

On his first day in freedom, the builder had himself beautified.

After four weeks, Richard Lugner (87) was finally allowed to leave the hospital on Saturday. When he got home, he wasn’t resting: “I hobbled over to my opera ball hairdresser Willi Hüllerbrand.” There, mortar could be “completely refurbished”, but obviously didn’t wear a mask and Figaro also did without mouth and nose protection. After the hairy meeting, the builder threw himself straight into the work: “My secretary took care of my Sunday work.”


Now the secret of the hospital has also been revealed. Lugner last stayed with the Merciful Brothers in the second district. With the physiotherapist Lisa, he now practices walking with crutches every day. “I want to be fit again in October for the 30th anniversary of Lugner City and my birthday.”

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