BODYGUARD star Richard Madden announced he was leaving the Netflix headquarters after trying to "water only" workers.

Although the online streaming service won the rights to the successful BBC show, the 32-year-old actor explained the bizarre reason he had turned down a bottle for a co-worker.

In an interview with the American talk show host Sam Rubin KTLA Morning NewsMadden explained, "I went in and was told I was in the wrong building.

"But there was a Netflix branded water fridge I took a bottle of and he said you had to go around the corner for the show of your guys.

"I said" cool, I just grab a bottle of water. "

"But I was told no, it's only for Netflix employees.

"I said," Well, I'm a Netflix employee, I'm on a show. "

"He said," Sir, you have to put the water back now. "

"I was like" serious? Can I have a bottle of water for sure?

"But he just said, no, you have to return the water now. You have to go now ".

"They kept the door open for me and I left the building."

BBC1s bodyguard – One of Britain's Greatest Dramas in a Decade – was released on Netflix last week around the world, including in Australia.

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In the UK, 17 million people saw the last episode of bodyguard in September, however, a second series has to be confirmed by the BBC.

Madden said he will meet the creator of the show, Jed Mercurio, over the coming weeks to discuss ideas American horror story,

Speak with deadlineMadden said, "I'll be meeting Jed in a few weeks to talk and see what's in his brilliant brain.

"So I like what can happen next. You know, with David.

"Because he had damn many months there. Where are you going with this guy? "

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The previous one game of ThronesStern continues: "I thought too, maybe it will be like that American horror story In the second series it's a whole other incarnation of it, and I'm a king and Keeley [Hawes, his co-star] is in my protection team.

"And you get all the other actors back, and we all do different things. But who knows what Jed has in mind. I am very interested to hear. "

The sun online has contacted Netflix for a comment.

This story originally appeared on The Sun and was released with permission.



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