Richardson fire in Grenoble: after the return of the Roma to their camp, it’s time to take stock

Two days after the fire that devastated its warehouse, the French company Richardson, which specializes in bathroom equipment, heating and air conditioning, renewable energies and plumbing, has reopened its doors. At least, the sales area which has not been touched. ” There we have clients. The agency is open, we try to work as best we can. Everyone is on the front lines to move forward », Comments Loïc Ortiz, one of the managers of the Grenoble store.

It will certainly take a long time before the activity of the company returns to normal, because all of its stock and the warehouse were completely devastated, on the night of Saturday to Sunday, November 21, 2021. No casualties human is not to be deplored, but the loss would amount to several million euros, according to the director interviewed by The Dauphiné freed.

While the investigation into the circumstances of the fire is underway, it seems established that the fire was started in a shed in the neighboring Roma camp. It doesn’t say who will foot the bill. Undocumented migrants, obviously uninsured? The City which accepted that this camp be set up on its communal land? The State in charge of the emergency accommodation jurisdiction?

Richardson logistics warehouse devastated following the fire on Saturday, November 20, 2021 © Séverine Cattiaux – Place Gre’net

« This will be a debate of experts and insurance: where did the fire start? Who is in a position of responsibility? », Cautiously declares Nicolas Kada, deputy in charge of the coordination of social action at the City of Grenoble, who was on call this weekend.