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Rick's painful farewell shows how good the Walking Dead can be

Rick's swan song dominates the 5th episode of Season 9 of The Walking Dead. Andrew Lincoln leaves the series, where he served as lead actor for eight years. It is poignant and stirring how this farewell takes place.

How does it feel when Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) leaves? This issue has denounced developments in the zombie apocalypse since the ninth season of The Walking Dead, which have been with us for eight years. Based on Robert Kirkman comic book of the same name, the TV adaptation has turned into its own phenomenon, which characterizes the current pop culture as currently only Game of Thrones. With the departure of lead actor Andrew Lincoln brings the 9th season now by far the biggest change in the series with it. Although we now know that the story of Rick Grimes is far from over, his swan song is an engaging chapter dedicated entirely to The Walking Dead mythology, scoring with an overwhelming array of emotions. Before Rick leaves, Maggie wants to avenge Negan. The Walking Dead veteran Greg Nicotero is the director of the fifth episode of Season 9, which features the iconic title What Comes After , Too easily can the three words refer to Rick, but they are expressed in a different context. Maggie (Lauren Cohan) has finally arrived in Alexandria after her sinister announcement to put an end to Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and the unresolved pain of last season's finale. Now she faces only Michonne (Danai Gurira) before she can complete the fateful act of revenge and righteousness. The time of grace is over. Now the time has come to draw a long overdue conclusion, even if at the end of the day it marks the beginning of something new, something unpredictable. So what comes next, inevitably not only touches Rick, but all the players in the world who are about to make a decision for the future.
Matthew Negrete, who co-developed the script of What Comes After with former showrunner Scott M. Gimple, is able to express the new beginning with tremendous force, even with the great farewell gestures of this episode. Whether Maggie can live with the consequences of her actions, asks Michonne, before the Hilltop leader descends into the shadow of Negan's prison. In the darkness, however, she meets a person whom she does not recognize, but precisely for that reason should not trust. With relish, the imprisoned villain describes how he brutally crushed Glenn's face that night in the forest. In the light, however, he exposes himself as a sufferer, who looks with his beard the Rick of the last season shockingly similar. There lies Negan on the ground and whines. A whining that keeps Maggie from another act of violence. Hell on Earth is the ultimate punishment, or perhaps the ultimate chance.Rick's Farewell – A Swan Song in the Zombie ApocalypseWhat game Negan plays is exactly what The Walking Dead does not want to tell us. We only have the hidden clues of last week when he spoke of Rick preparing the world for his return. Since Rick is still alive against Maggie's original plans until the end of the episode, this frightening possibility still exists. Much more important – and Negan may not even be aware of that – is the rethinking that triggered the confrontation in Maggie's head. With this decision, she can not only live, but also survive. Meanwhile, survival in The Walking Dead is more important than ever, as shown by Rick's relentless fight against death, which has found its way into What Comes After in several ways. First there is a steel rod that provokes the most painful screams after eight seasons of painful Rick moments. Like a beetle lying on its back, it wriggles – and escapes, thanks to absolute self-control, to escape the youngest cliffhanger.
What follows is a swan song that guides Rick through formative stages of the zombie apocalypse while a sea of ​​undead pursues him. It is an unbelievably powerful picture of how Rick pulls on the horse with his last strength, cramped with screaming but with the will to survive. Behind him, the biter herd whirls up dust and transforms into an unstoppable wave of destruction, which later, with the force of a waterfall, is designed to rip everything Rick has built. The flood of dead does not stop at this point. As Rick increasingly loses himself in delirium, a gate opens in the past, the Shane (Jon Bernthal), Hershel (Scott Wilson) and Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) brings back to the series for cathartic conversations and recaptured above all with it Giving you goose bumps, ranging from the hospital's claustrophobic hallways to the rural idyll of Hershels Farm. Rick Grimes and his eternal companion, Death It's not a best-of-montage that dominates Rick's near-death experience, but another fever dream of pensive moments, in which he can not lose himself under any circumstances. The Walking Dead is nostalgic this week – no question. The fact that Rick has to wake up again and again, because there is a future to deny, emphasizes the episode as well, especially when he disappears from corpses in the midst of lifeless bodies in a no-man's-land, the farther the camera goes, revealing a fascinating infinity of death , Previously, there was talk of the beauty of the sunset, while the search for his own family – that is, the motivation that led Rick all the years ago on a horse into the heart of the zombie apocalypse – as a thread through the dreamy as eerie beyond leads. In the world of the dead, Rick will never find his family, but he has to go back to the real world, where a torrent of rousing emotions awaits us.
Rick has to tear down the bridge he has laboriously erected. With his last powers he blows them up and disappears with a bang that resonates in the shocked faces of his friends and literally leaves a gaping gap. Once again, the water asserts its saving and destructive power in this contradictory moment between the end and the new beginning, and even gives us a goose bumping war of the world memory moment when the bodies float on the surface before Rick saves himself from the Dead Sea , Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh), who has to admit that she never had an "A" but a boyfriend in Rick, then sets the course for Andrew Lincoln's future in The Walking Dead Universe. Once again, Rick wakes up in an (alternative) hospital while the music in the background announces a new world and has survived his family. Hello, Judith Grimes.All Recaps for Season 9 of The Walking DeadThe ninth season of The Walking Dead will air on Sundays in the US on AMC and is in Germany a day later on FOX and Sky Ticket to see. Our reviews of the episodes are also available as a live stream and podcast.
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