Rico “Ramba” Giger loses his last boxing match for the time being

boxing match

“The audience wanted the opponent to attack my knee”: Rico “Ramba” Giger loses his last K1 fight for the time being due to an injury that has not healed

The annual Fight Night took place in Winterthur at the weekend. In the main match, Rico «Ramba» Giger faced Azdren Krasniqi. But the fight went differently than Giger had originally expected.

Rico Giger (left) fights against Azdren Krasniqi.

Photo: André Lehmann

Actually, it should have been a successful farewell to the big K1 stage. On Saturday, Rico “Ramba” Giger faced the two-time K1 world champion Azdren Krasniqi for his last world championship fight in Winterthur.

But what many did not know: Giger suffers from a not yet completely healed inner ligament tear in his knee. A fact that was not mentioned in the pre-event coverage, so as not to play into the hands of his opponent.

Opponents and audience knew about the injury

When the fight started at 11 p.m., however, Giger quickly realized that the opponent and many of the spectators knew about his injury. “The audience shouted ‘poshtë, poshtë’, which means ‘down’ in Albanian. They wanted my opponent to get on my knee, »says Giger.

True, at the beginning he managed to dodge the attacks of Krasniqi. “In the second lap, however, our knees collided and I twisted my ankle,” says Giger. After that it didn’t go any further, and he was called «Rico! Rico! » shouts carried out of the ring. giger says:

“It was nice, but I’m ashamed to have lost again.”

And adds that the next time you don’t go into a fight anymore.

“After my rejection last year, I really wanted to compete.”

6000 francs in donations collected

Meanwhile, organizer Mustafa Kicaj draws a positive balance, even if fewer guests came than expected because of the Albani Festival. “The fighters were athletic and fair, and the atmosphere in the audience was peaceful, too,” says Kicaj. In addition, around 6,000 francs were collected, which are now going to the Ri-Jeta counseling center in Kosovo, which works to prevent addictive substances.

At least there was something good about the fight, says Giger:

“I felt like playing K1 again.”

Maybe the fight from the weekend wasn’t his last.