rider Benoit Soumille looks back on his performance at Cheval Passion

On the program of the gala des manes d’or, a highlight of Cheval Passion (until Sunday evening January 23 at the exhibition center), the number “La vie à deux” is a real challenge for Benoît Soumille and his partner Vérane Beaumond , mixing equestrian and burlesque arts.

For two years, the duo has been surrounded by a whole team formed under the leadership of Maurice and Fabien Galle, kingpins of Cheval Passion, with Laurent Michelier, general manager of the ANT gymnastics club, Maria Bellouard, director of the ANT circus school and Gérard Ventaggioli, founder of the Smoking Dog theatre.

Accustomed to the equestrian cabaret and already on the poster of the golden manes in 2018, Benoit Soumille has been a student of the Cheval Passion academy for two years. Practicing aerobatics and dressage, a specialist in the Hungarian post, he worked in new disciplines. With Laurent Michelier, they explain how this work was carried out.

Benoît Soumille, where did the idea of ​​playing the…