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Horror, criticism and ridicule: this is how many react to an action by around 50 German actors. Artists from Baden-Württemberg also criticized the corona policy in YouTube videos.

They are known from the SWR “Tatort” series or the successful series “Babylon Berlin”: Dozens of prominent film and television actors have published clips with personal statements on the video platform Youtube under the hashtag #allesdichtmachen. In it, they criticize the measures taken to contain the corona pandemic. Including faces like Ulrich Tukur, Volker Bruch, Meret Becker, Ulrike Folkerts, Richy Müller and Jan Josef Liefers. For their ironically pointed videos, they received praise on social networks, but mostly criticism.

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Criticism in the social networks

This is how fellow actors distance themselves from the action: Marcus Mittermeier tweeted, for example: “Nobody asked me if I wanted to take part in #allesdichtmachen. Thank God!” Elyas M’Barek commented on Volker Bruch’s video on Instagram with the words: “Come on, that’s nonsense.” Nora Tschirner called the action “unfucking comprehensible”. On Twitter, the hashtags #allenichtganzdicht and #allesschlichtmachen are trending for criticism.

Voices from Baden-Württemberg also reject the action. For example, the SPD member of the Bundestag Hilde Mattheis (constituency Ulm / Alb-Donau-Kreis) tweeted: “Art and culture have experienced deep cuts and our artists urgently need support and solidarity.”

What are the actors criticizing in their clips?

In the videos, the actors addressed various aspects of the fight against the pandemic: In his clip, Liefers thanks, for example, with an ironic undertone “all of the media in our country who have been tirelessly responsible and with a clear stance to ensure that the alarm is there stays where it belongs, namely right at the top “. In his clip, Richy Müller alternately breathes in two bags and comments ironically: “If everyone were to use two-bag breathing, we would have no lockdown for a long time. So stay healthy and support the corona measures. I’ll go now Take a breath. “

The media magazine DWDL comments on this: “53 actors * come out as populists” and author Thomas Lückerath adds that Jan Josef Liefers’ argument is “really only a stone’s throw away from the lying press being aligned”.

Satirist Jan Böhmermann countered the action on Twitter that the only video that you should watch “if you have problems with Corona containment measures” is the ARD documentary from the Berlin Charité with the title “Station 43 – Die”. To do this, he put the hashtag #allenichtganzdicht and a crying smiley. “The actors from #allesdichtmachen can push their irony deep into the ventilator,” tweeted presenter Tobias Schlegl, who is also an emergency paramedic.

The SWR also reacted to the YouTube videos and announced: “The participating artists speak for themselves on their own platform. Everyone has the right to express their opinion.”

Praise for the action: a “masterpiece”

In the social media, however, the action was partially met with approval: there was applause from the former President of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Hans-Georg Maassen, who called the action “great” on Twitter. The Hamburg virologist Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit spoke of a “masterpiece” that “should make us very thoughtful”. The AfD member of the Bundestag Joana Cotar tweeted: “This is an intelligent protest.” You celebrate Jan Josef Liefers.

Several actors involved withdraw

The actress Heike Makatsch, who had initially also published a video, withdrew it on Friday morning. “I recognize the danger posed by the corona pandemic and never want to lessen the suffering of the victims and their relatives and thereby injure them,” she wrote on Instagram. Jan Josef Liefers tweeted that night that he had “an oracle in there, budding closeness to lateral thinkers and the like.” crystal clear back. There is also no party in the current spectrum of the Bundestag that it is further from than the AfD.

The actress Meret Becker (Tatort) and her colleague Ken Duken (“Traumfabrik”) have also distanced themselves from the video campaign #allesdichtmachen. Art must be able to ask questions, said Becker on Friday in a post on Instagram. “But this action backfired.” They’ll put the video down. “And I apologize that this could be misunderstood.”



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