Riding a Mandatory PCR Plane, Dr. Reisa: Anticipating the Third Wave


The condition of the spread of the Corona virus or COVID-19 in Indonesia has begun to slope with the death rate also decreasing. Even so, the anticipation of a third wave needs to be done, one of which is by implementing various new rules.

This was conveyed by the spokesperson for the COVID-19 Task Force, Dr. Reisa Broto Asmoro, while reviewing vaccinations at the Solo Palace, Saturday (23/10/2021).

He added that the new rules proclaimed were nothing but to remind the public regarding the implementation of health protocols (prokes).

“Many regulations have been issued to increase the vigilance of health protocols. With the number of cases sloping, the number of infection transmissions decreasing, many people take it lightly, ignore it,” he said.

This condition, continued Reisa, made the government need to make regulations, one of which was the mandatory PCR test for people traveling by air.

“This was launched because of the increasing mobility of the people, the standard from WHO is PCR. So as of October 24, this is PCR for all flights from Java to Bali,” he said.

Especially with the end of the year and Christmas holidays, which of course have the potential to increase people’s mobility.

“With this PCR, to anticipate increased mobility and towards the end of the year there is a New Year’s Christmas holiday, one way to anticipate it,” he explained.

“The quarantine is 5 days, the incubation period is calculated if 5 days of arrival have PCR, and four more days of PCR can describe his health condition. Five days is enough,” he concluded.

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