Ridley Scott blames mobilizing youth for the ugly fall of the last duel

Although it was one of the most anticipated films of the year The last duel, instead, it became one of the biggest falls of 2021. Ridley Scott as a guest on the WTF podcast, he tried to explain his testimony a bit and told him what he thought the film had slipped. In spite of the star parade and the veteran director, the $ 100 million film generated just $ 27 million in revenue worldwide, and critics hadn’t fainted from it. The phenomenon is not unique anyway, non-Scott’s film is the only blockbuster this year to suffer: a There is no time to die despite the fact that it can be unprofitable to watch a lot in cinemas, despite the fact that The last duel no one has even been able to approach his deep flight this year.

Scott said it wasn’t all about the film, nor the promotion of the film – he praised the great screenplay for the former and Disney’s work on the latter – but the young people.

The fault must be found in the part of the audience that grew up on the mobile phones. Generation Y is only and exclusively willing to learn anything when your phone tells it to.

Said the 83-year-old director.

He also added that the 1982 Winged Bounty Huntert was also dismantled by critics, although in his opinion they were not right at all, they just did not see his vision beyond his age. Criticism of the New Yorker has touched particularly deeply on: Pauline Kael he has framed his four-page writing, and has been outside the wall of his office ever since, and has not read any criticism since he confessed.