Ried remains a fortress: playoff win against the Reavers

An excellent punt for the gladiators of Simon Deubler should usher in a turbulent start to the game. Gladiators linebackers Valentin Leutgeb brought the Reavers’ ball carrier to the ground in their end zone for safety (2:0). The subsequent kick returned Michael Przeworski for 75 yards into the end zone. The PAT from Kicker Simon Deubler sat too and before the game really started, it was 9:0 for the hosts. A shock from which the Reavers should only slowly recover.

Again and again her offense was stopped by Sacks afterwards (LB Markus Burgstaller and DL Dominik Bortenschlager). Shortly before the end of the first quarter, Receiver caught Christoph Schatzl a 51 yard pass that was supposed to initiate the next point. Quarterback Jonas Sauer sneaked into the end zone 15:0. the PAT was not good.

Defense rules

What initially looked like a point firework was then quickly extinguished by the Styrian fire brigade. It was supposed to be the last score for the gladiators in the entire game.

As a result, they had to and could rely on their defense, which kept the attacks of the guests in check for long stretches. The Reavers were able to open in the third quarter 15:7 shorten, then another field goal was blocked (DB Daniel Hofmann), a second did not achieve its goal. After a first down run, the gladiators were able to kneel off the game.

With this victory, the Rieder remain unbeaten at home and move into Challenge Bowl XVII on the weekend of November 6th and 7th. a. The venue is still open.

Division 3 Playoffs

Gladiators Ried vs. Styrian Reavers 15:7
SA October 23, 2021 2:00 pm · Colloseum Noricum Ried

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Carnuntum Legionaries vs. Gmunden Rams 24:7
Saturday, October 23, 2021 3:00 p.m. Richard-Gebert-Sportanlage Schwadorf

Challenge Bowl XVII

Gladiators Ried vs./@ Carnuntum Legionaries