Rififi between doctors at Arlon hospital

A second similar email, three months later, questioned the probity of his colleague following the disappearance of a medical device. “It’s weird, he says, this disappearance takes place precisely when Mrs. X is absent.”

Monsieur takes himself for God the Father

The lawyer for the civil party, Me Zevenne, considers that his client’s honor has been damaged “so much so that she fell into depression and ended up resigning. The hospital is also a victim of having lost a quality doctor.” The lawyer was not dead hand to vilify the head of department: “Mr. takes himself for God the Father while he has been sued by several proceedings against him. He allows himself to put my client in the pillory, causing him significant personal harm.”

The public prosecutor, represented by the deputy public prosecutor, Yannick Rosart, requested the acquittal against the 48-year-old doctor. “It is extremely unhealthy and unpleasant, recognizes the Deputy Crown Prosecutor, but I do not find the malicious intent required by law to qualify as slander”.

For the defence, Me Charlier, from the Dinant bar, explains the terms used by his client’s nervousness, due to the complexity of managing a service that is understaffed. “It is certainly awkward, but there is no intention on his part to damage the reputation of his colleague with whom he had worked without problems for more than ten years.”

President André Jordant will deliver his judgment on August 10.