• The Mayor of Chemnitz, Barbara Ludwig, has criticized Chancellor Merkel for not having come to the city after the riots in Chemnitz in August.
  • Other things had always been more important, complained Ludwig.
  • Merkel wants to visit Chemnitz on 16 November.

Chemnitz Mayor Barbara Ludwig (SPD) has criticized German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) for failing to come to Chemnitz after the riots in the city in August. That they come now in two weeks, was far too late and will "stir up" Saxon city, said the SPD politician on Friday the MDR. Merkel wants to visit the city on November 16th and there among other things with readers of the Free press to discuss.

She had already invited the Chancellor after the incidents in Chemnitz in early September, said Ludwig. "It took so long, other things were more important." Because the Chancellor has never properly explained her decisions on migration in 2015, confidence in the state has been lost, said the Mayor. That's what you feel today when it comes to safety. In this respect, she regrets very much that Merkel will not come until mid-November. "It's going to be a difficult day for Chemnitz again," said Ludwig.

Federal President Steinmeier was in Chemnitz on Thursday

At the same time, she acknowledged that brief visits by politicians did not fundamentally change anything. The problems on the ground are not settled when federal politicians "come for a few hours" and then lead away again. Similarly, had on Thursday Chemnitz citizens after a so-called coffee table with Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier expressed. The head of state had previously visited Dresden.

Federal Family Minister Franziska Giffey (SPD) wants to visit the Saxon city of Chemnitz this Saturday. A spokesman for the ministry said on Friday in Berlin, Giffey will meet, inter alia, with Mayor Barbara Ludwig (SPD), give a speech, visit companies and information on projects to promote democracy. The Federal Ministry of Family Affairs is involved in the financing of projects against extremism and for democracy.

In Chemnitz, a 35-year-old, allegedly by asylum seekers, was stabbed to death at the end of August. Then there was rioting of rights. Several demonstrators have since been convicted, inter alia, for showing the Hitler salute in summary proceedings. Protests against Merkel's visit have been announced for 16 November. The right-wing citizens' initiative "Pro Chemnitz" has announced a rally in front of the Karl-Marx-Monument every Friday for the next months.

Talk about the rift going through Saxony

Federal President Steinmeier visits Chemnitz to speak with citizens about right-wing riots and assaults. Critics of migration policy are also sitting around the table.

By Ulrike Nimz, Chemnitz




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