RINBER Abogados Penalistas, the best criminal lawyer in Malaga, according to the Diario Digital Legal Information

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The Spanish digital legal newspaper, (Legal Information), which each year chooses the best law firms in Malaga, has selected this law firm who are experts in criminal law. Every year law firms in Malaga eagerly await the Legal Information ranking.

Información Legal is a legal newspaper focused on the legal news of Spanish criminal courts, offering news about the result of media trials, striking and transcendental for the daily news at the national level. The Legal Information newsroom is made up of a cast of court journalists, based in Malaga, but with delegations or correspondents in all the cities of Spain, including Torremolinos, Fuengirola, Marbella Coín and Antequera, thus covering the current affairs of the Courts. and Courts throughout the national territory.

As a result of that daily knowledge of the professional practice, with which this newspaper and its court journalists with hundreds of criminal lawyers, is how the idea arose in the central writing of this famous digital legal newspaper, (Legal Information), to carry out, annually a Ranking of the best criminal lawyer in Malaga . says its editor-in-chief, and in direct contact with the most important law firms nationwide, within criminal law, which allows to be aware of which firms are at the forefront, which firms handle more issues, which firms handle them better and which firms are the ones that win the criminal proceedings. In the end, what it is about is to inform the general public who are the best criminal lawyers in Malaga.

So, this year 2021, the law firm RINBER Abogados Penalistas Málaga begins the course with excellent news. “Be considered the best criminal law firm in Malaga, for the prestigious legal publication, Legal Information is a great recognition ”, affirms Javier Rincón Bernal, (director of Rinber Abogados Penalistas Málaga).

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The success of this firm lies in three words, work, work and work. Thorough study of the matter, search for jurisprudence applicable to the case, diligent processing of the matter and a well-prepared presentation on stage. This cocktail, along with a close treatment, is what has led to this point, say from Rinber Abogados. The closeness with the client is absolutely essential. The recognition of Legal Information has produced great satisfaction.

“It is a pride of this recognition, which serves as an incentive to continue working with the same strength and determination,” they affirm from Rinber Abogados.

The firm has been directed by the renowned criminal lawyers, the RINCÓN TWINS, a pair of twin lawyers, Malaga lawyers who have been practicing criminal lawyers for more than 20 years, as well as collaborators in different Spanish Television (TVE) programs. In these programs, they are contributing their knowledge and legal experience regarding current judicial issues at the national level and events. “We are very happy with the award of this distinction. Today, we will enjoy it and celebrate with the family, tomorrow, again to continue giving everything. You cannot rest on the laurels of success. It would be an unacceptable mistake ”, explains the Director of Rinber Abogados, Javier Rincón.

About Rinber Penal Lawyers Málaga
Rinber Penal Lawyers Málaga with offices in Torremolinos, Fuengirola, Marbella, Cóin and Antequera is a law firm specialized in criminal law, who have been providing criminal legal advice throughout the national territory for more than 20 years.

As professionals, at Rinber Criminal Lawyers Malaga They are considered among the best specialists in criminal court matters, to advise and defend their clients when they need it. “Always available” is the key to success, along with taking each issue as if it were the first and last that you are going to take in your professional life. Passion for their work, dedication and perseverance are the bastions of these twins, who are right now at the forefront of Spanish law within criminal law.

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For any questions, they urge you to consult with your Lawyers 24 hours a day.



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