Technology Ring hit a class action lawsuit for & #...

Ring hit a class action lawsuit for & # 39; not taking basic safety precautions & # 39;


A group of Ring camera owners who have been terrorized by hackers are now suing the company, saying that the Amazon-owned company doesn't even do the minimum to protect itself against hackers.

The lawsuit, which was filed earlier this month in the United States District Court, claims that Ring has circumvented basic security measures that would help protect the accounts of camera owners, even though the company knows that their devices are a popular target for hackers.

The lawsuit comes after multiple reports of hackers who gain access to consumers' cameras and live videos from inside their homes.

In a particularly distressing incident, a hacker shouted racial slurs at an 8-year-old girl whose mother had recently bought a Ring camera from a Black Friday deal. That girl's parents are now plaintiffs in the class action lawsuit.

A spokesman for Ring told Mashable that the company does not comment on legal matters. Previously, the company blamed its users for poor password practices, saying that pirates have been the result of weak passwords or the reuse of passwords that had previously been compromised.

But the lawsuit says the company does not take basic security measures that could prevent such attacks, even if camera owners are not using two-factor authentication.

Ring does not require users to implement two-factor authentication. It does not verify if someone logging in from an unknown IP address is the legitimate user. It does not offer users a way to see how many users have logged in. It does not offer protection against brute force entries, mechanisms by which hackers can try an endless loop of combinations of letters and numbers until they find the correct password to unlock account. Although these basic precautions are common and exceptional security measures in a large number of online services, Ring does not use them for its services.

The presentation also argues that Ring is very aware that its devices have become popular targets among hacker groups. Vice's motherboard previously reported that hackers have created software that essentially simplifies the process for taking over Ring cameras. The lawsuit also notes that there is a "broadcast live podcast" dedicated to hackers who gain access to random Ring cameras and harass their owners, as proof that the company knows it should do more to protect users.

The fact that Ring does not adequately protect access to user accounts is even more atrocious in light of the presence of hacking forums and podcasts dedicated to hacking Ring devices.

However, even in light of widespread reports of hackers and unauthorized access to devices, Ring has refused to take responsibility for the security of its own home security devices and its role in compromising the privacy of its customers. . Although its customers are hacked, spied on and repeatedly harassed by unauthorized third parties, Ring has made unbelievable claims that it has not suffered any data breach and that there are no problems with the privacy and security of its devices.

You can read the full claim below.



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