Ringo Starr reaches agreement with sex toy manufacturer…

The Beatles drummer had started a case in 2019 against the makers of a sex toy called Ring O. He is now stopping it.

Ringo Starr thought the Ring O brand name was too similar to his own name and he feared that this could cause confusion. In his complaint, the octogenarian drummer argued that ‘Ring O’ would damage his reputation if it were approved as a trademark by the authorities. In the meantime, he would have stopped the legal proceedings. According to British media, the musician has reached an agreement with the manufacturers.

From BBC was previously able to view the court documents from 2019. In it, Starr’s attorneys argued that “customers might believe the sex toys were a new venture of his.” Ringo Starr doesn’t want to be associated with that. He doesn’t want anything to do with the goods.’

The manufacturers have now promised in the agreement that they will “avoid” any activity that could lead to confusion between the product and the musician. There will also be a space between ‘Ring’ and ‘O’ in their brand name. The manufacturers promise not to “degrade, stain, or belittle the Ringo Starr name.” They should also not reference Starr or insinuate that he has anything to do with the toy.

The ‘Ring O’ is a cock ring and is part of the Screaming O collection of which 25 million products have been sold worldwide.


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