Rio Grande do Sul vaccinated less than 30% of the children in the target public of the flu campaign; number worries

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Group of children was the least vaccinated against the flu in RS

Only 48.48% of the target audience was immunized against gripe in Rio Grande do Sul, according to data from LocalizaSUS, a tool Ministry of Health. Of this group, the children aged six months to five years incomplete projects had the lowest adherence, with only 29.62% of the target achieved for the priority group. The elderly were the ones who most sought the doses, with 55.31%. The MS goal is to reach 95% of immunization in groups considered at higher risk.

Em Porto Alegre, the scenario is similar. Only 44.78% of the target audience was vaccinated, with postpartum women (who recently had a baby), the group with the lowest adherence, with 22.45%. Children come right after, with 25.57%.

According to the city hall, the elderly were the ones who were most vaccinated, with more than 170,000 doses applied, that is, about 54% of the target. Next, there is the group of people without comorbidities and who are not part of priority groups, with more than 117 thousand doses received.

The city of Porto Alegre reinforces the importance of vaccination, especially for children and the elderly. Data from the Epidemiological Surveillance Unit of the Municipal Health Department show that two groups concentrate the highest percentages of people hospitalized for respiratory problems in the Capital, in this year. It is important that pregnant women are immunized to protect babies, as they can only receive the first dose of vaccine at six months of life.

All health units in Porto Alegre apply flu immunization during the opening hours of each location. A immunization campaign would end on May 31, but the municipality decided to continue offering the doses, which are valid until December. Same guidance given by the State Department of Health (SES) to municipalities in Rio Grande do Sul.

With low demand, Porto Alegre applies vaccines on holidays

Residents of the Capital can take advantage of the Corpus Christi holiday this Thursday (8) to vaccinate against the flu on the edge of Guaíba. Normally, the city hall suspends vaccination on holidays and weekends due to low demand, but this time there is an offer of immunization against the influenza virus.

The service will be until 4 pm, in a bus parked next to the Usina do Gasômetro. Anyone aged six months or older can be vaccinated. There will be no immunization against covid-19.

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2023-06-08 15:09:22