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Riots in Piedras Negras, while Mexico and the US reinforce border security

The first riot, which took place on Tuesday night, occurred when a group tried to leave by force, an attempt that was stopped by the many policemen who supervise the abandoned warehouse where the authorities of Coahuila have improvised the shelter to receive them. . While on the afternoon of this Wednesday there were riots when another group of Central Americans began to throw tables and other objects at the security agents to complain about what they consider to be bad conditions and bad food, but the incident was quickly controlled.

According to Univision News journalist Alejandro Madrigal from Piedras Negras, Central Americans are desperate because, after nine days locked in the cellar, where they can only go out to buy guarded by Mexican officials, the National Institute of Migration (Inami) does not give them the residence cards for humanitarian reasons that the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador promised to give to migrants in transit, a document that would allow them to reside and work in Mexico for one year.

Shortly after the unrest occurred Wednesday, the governor of Coahuila, Miguel Angel Riquelme, said the situation was under control. Mexican authorities insist that they will not let migrants out of control through the city, as they fear that, if they try to make a massive and uncontrolled entry to neighboring Eagle Pass, in Texas, that will cause the United States to close the border, as happened months ago in Tijuana when another caravan of Central American migrants arrived"," _ id ":" 00000168-e92e-dfe3-abf8-ef3ed5c10000 "," _ type ":" 809caec9-30e2-3666-8b71-b32ddbffc288 "}"> in Tijuana when another caravan of Central American migrants arrived, something that would harm the thousands of people who cross daily to work, study or shop.

"Many rights are violated, no more are given to those who have credentials, others can not go anywhere, they do not let us out. They have us locked up as prisoners", denounced a migrant who preferred to keep his identity hidden in an audio sent to the organization Roots." There are sick people, there are people of the third age and it is getting very cold, "he lamented.

"The only thing we request is that the gate be opened to reach the bridge and reach an agreement with the president and US laws peacefully," the migrant added.

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They are now on the Mexican side of the Rio Grande in front of Eagle Pass, heavily guarded by hundreds of police officers, riot police, the army and immigration authorities. Around a dozen a day they are escorted to the gatehouse in the south Texas city, where US authorities register them as asylum seekers.

Security in Eagle Pass is strengthened

Who throughout the week have been able to leave the shelter because they had the transit card, They have decided to try to cross the Rio Grande and surrender to the Border Patrol in the United States.

Despair in Piedras Negras, the city where almost 2,000 migrants wait to enter the US (photos)


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Last week, the Border Patrol reported the rescue on the Rio Grande (Rio Grande in Mexico) from a family of 5 Honduran migrants"," _ id ":" 00000168-e947-d300-a77b-efe739d00000 "," _ type ":" 809caec9-30e2-3666-8b71-b32ddbffc288 "}"> family of 5 Honduran migrants when they tried to cross it on foot, among them two children of 1 and 3 years old.

"Crossing the Rio Grande is dangerous and illegal, and the dedication and quick response of our agents prevented a tragedy," said Del Rio's Border Patrol area chief Matthew J. Hudak. "We encourage all migrants to use the ports of entry to make a correct entry into the United States."

Univision News reporter Pedro Rojas reported from the Texas city of Eagle Pass a considerable reinforcement of border security. As he explained, on Wednesday, every half hour, two Black Hawk helicopters flew over the border, joining other aircraft, ships and land patrols from federal and state authorities.

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