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Rappers Mershvenom and Miran unfolded on a stage where the blank of the left and right suddenly got off on charges of inhaling cannabis.

The 4th mission sound source battle was held in the Mnet entertainment program’Show me the Money9′ broadcast on the 20th.

On this day, in the Groovy Room X Justice team, the Kundipanda Crew and the Musvenom Crew competed with’VVS’. The Kundipanda crew showed a relaxed attitude, saying, “I think I did it as much as I practiced it.”

On the other hand, the Musvenom Crew couldn’t hide his tense look. This is because Oh-left, who belongs to the same crew, got off on charges of inhaling cannabis the day before the battle.

Mershvenom and Miran were under pressure that two people had to decorate the stage.

However, I was worried about the Mershvenom Crew. The two showed a perfect stage with horse puppets filling the empty seats on the left.

Producers praised them as “The couple seems to tour the country. Breathing was great” and “Mushvenom is a genius.”

Mershvenom pointed to the words that he brought and said, “This is our team.”

In the meantime, he expressed his unique self-confidence, saying, “I came, I saw, and overcame.”

Eventually, the confrontation ended with the victory of the Mershvenom Crew, and both survived. On the other hand, the Kid King was eliminated in the Kundi Panda Crew, causing surprise.

The viewers who watched the stage of the two people also speculated that the horse doll was a hemp, which means the right left, who got off on charges of smoking hemp.

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