Risaralda: They capture a gang of extortionist women

In several operations carried out by the National Police, a criminal gang led by women was dismantled, and a man was captured for the crime of homicide.

The Gaula groups, components of the Army and Police, together with the Special Prosecutor’s Office, managed to capture five women belonging to the criminal structure known as ‘Los Chinos’, for the crime of aggravated extortion, those apprehended today had the domain, control and criminal activity, specifically in the Risaraldense capital and in the municipality of Dosquebradas.

These women demanded sums of money, among three million and five million pesos a day, making an approximate collection of $90 million pesos per month.

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Colonel Javier Raúl Gallego, commander of the Metropolitan Police of Pereira, stated that these women made the initial contact with the victims, through the Messenger of the social network, Facebook, from a supplanted account, they asked the victim for the favor of receiving a package, the victim convinced that she was talking to a close personhe agreed to receive said mailing and provided all his personal data.

The women captured between the ages of 22 and 39, do not have a judicial record and must answer for the crime of aggravated extortion; those captured today were posing as members of the Dian, the Fiscal Police and officials of parcel companies.

For a debt he killed him

On the other hand, a man was captured who, in an act of intolerancefor the non-payment of a debt, caused the death of an 18-year-old happened in the town of Two broken.

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The act of blood was recorded in block 2 of the Los Guamos neighborhood, after a heated discussion, there a 29-year-old man, he took out a white weapon with which he mortally wounded the 18-year-old boy in the chest, who died minutes later in a health center in the Industrial municipality.

The person arrested for the crime of aggravated homicide is currently in the pertinent judicialization process, with the aim of continuing the investigation against him.