Rishabh Pant | ‘Good cricketers learn from mistakes, but not the ball’: Dale Steyn

The fifth and final match of the India-South Africa T20 series will be played in Bengaluru tomorrow. The teams are currently 2-2 in the five-match series. India have made a strong comeback in the last two matches. Despite the team’s good performance, captain Rishabh’s inability to find the rhythm in the ball is becoming a headache for Team India.

At the end of the four matches in the series, he was able to score a total of 57 runs off the ball. Many critics say that the player has never had a memorable performance in Twenty20. Former South African fast bowler Dale Steyn has criticized the ball for not learning from mistakes.

Rishabh got four chances in the series. But he keeps repeating his mistakes. Good players learn from mistakes, but he’s not, ‘Stein told a sports media.

Steyn also praised senior cricketer Dinesh Karthik. ‘DK is in great form. His performance this year is up. He understands competitions as well. His batting is based on understanding the bowlers’ methods. Attacks the first ball and the last ball of an over. He can also attack from the first ball and put pressure on the bowlers, ”said Dale Steyn.

Rishabh Pant | Now toss with the right hand; Rishabh loses the toss four times in a row

Rajkot: India’s T20 captain Rishabh Pant is worried that the toss’ luck will continue to slip away. India have lost the toss in all four matches of the series against South Africa so far. Rishabh thinks the ball is unfortunate because he throws the toss with his left hand. That is why the ball is said to be tossed with the right hand in the crucial T20I final in Bengaluru. India lost the toss in the first four matches and had to bat first. After losing the first two matches, India made a strong comeback in the series by winning the third and fourth matches. With this, the last T20 match becomes the final fight.

Despite scoring 200 in the first match, India could not defend. In the second match, he scored only 148 runs. Winning the toss and fielding first will give teams the upper hand in night matches. This will help you to play without more stress. That is why the toss is crucial in the fifth T20I to be played in Bengaluru. Team India’s only goal is to win the match anyway.

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