Rishi Sunak defends Brexit as employers protest labor shortages

“I voted for Brexit, I believe in Brexit and I know that Brexit can be done, and it is already bringing huge benefits and opportunities for the country.” he said when speaking at the annual conference of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), which takes place in the city of Birmingham.

Speaking at the conference, the prime minister said he had stated that he would not realign with EU law and that the UK has “adequate control of its borders” in regards to migration.

“We couldn’t do that within the European Union; at least now we have it under control,” Sunak added after saying that when it comes to trade, by leaving the bloc, the UK can open up the country to the world’s fastest growing markets.

The British prime minister received a harsh message from business during the conference, with the director general of the CBI,Tony Dankerurging the new Sunak administration to end arguments over Brexit and use immigration to solve the worker shortage.

Earlier, the British immigration minister, Robert Jenrickensured that UK companies should “look at the british workforce” instead of relying on immigrants to fill jobs after Brexit.

Before his annual conference, the director of the CBI, called on the Government to use immigration to solve the shortage of workers in the UK.

According to Danker, in an interview on the BBC, he said that the government should expand the list of occupations where there is a shortage and that taking this approach would help grow the UK economy.

“The list of jobs for which foreigners can easily get work visas, because employers can’t find Brits to fill them”, he claimed.

Kicking off the annual conference this morning, he added that the current immigration system meant there was no “an impetus for growth.

“The reason it’s so important is we literally have over a million job openings in this country. We have 600,000 people who are now sick who won’t be back in the job market any time soon.” stressed.

He said that’s why they need to get a list for jobs that are really short of workers.

“We have to make them fill the void while we recalibrate the job market in the medium term.”

Jenrick, however, countered that the UK will not ease immigration barriers to fill labor shortages.

Jenrick also dismissed reports over the weekend that the government was considering moving to a more liberal, Swiss-style, post-Brexit relationship with the European Union (EU) and that the goal remained to reduce overall net migration.

“Ending the freedom of movement of people was one of the fundamental principles of Brexit and cannot be adapted”he added in another interview on the British television channel Sky News.

Asked if a Swiss-style Brexit deal would be a betrayal of Brexit, Danker responded.

According to the minister, all he wants to do is implement the former prime minister’s agreement Boris Johnson.

“We are currently not implementing the Boris deal. We are at a dead end because of the Northern Ireland protocol. If we do comply with the agreement on the protocol, we will start to unlock some of those other economic benefits from the Boris trade deal.”he pointed.