Tuesday, 24 Apr 2018
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Rising prices of fruits and vegetables


Consumption. The weather is showing capricious, the price of vegetables and fruits are increasing in the markets. While the stall keepers try to do good, the customers gnash their teeth.

We expected that. With the rains of recent days, the price of vegetables and fruits have started to increase : at the Little Market of Saint-Denis, a kilo of mangoes amounts to 8 euros, a kilo of tomatoes between 3 and 3.50 euros, the combava, a euro the piece ! These rates you still seem to be affordable ‘ Know that they have almost doubled in the last few days. Before the torrential water will fall to the Meeting, a kilo of mangoes cost 4 to 5 euros, tomatoes 2 euros, onions 50 cents cheaper ! As for the salad, if it is still at 1 euro, it was sad, mine with its few scattered sheets of paper. Despite its state, it is yet planned to sell it soon to 1.50 euro !

“It is better to cope with a cyclone, because one knows what to expect, as the heavy rains that come and go leaving us in the dark total, sighs a fruit merchant, exasperated. About 100 kilos of mangoes, for example, only 20 will be able to be sold. Watered by rain, and burned by the sun, the other mangoes are just going to rot. And it’s like that for the majority of fruits”.

turn to the imported products are “Impossible at this time, plague Stone, another trader. Because of the swell, the boats can approach our shores to unload their deliveries. Since two days we are in lack of apples, oranges, but also of onions to India”.

a Consequence of this significant rise in prices : the market dionysien is almost deserted. Only hang around a few tourists and residents who are still resisting the rise of prices. Not without showing their discontent, for some.

“there are those who groan and asked us why we already increases the price,” says Peter. But we can’t do anything, the price will fluctuate according to the vagaries of time. And if the rain continues to fall, prices will continue to rise”.

For the record, after the passage of cyclone Dina and Hary on our department a few years ago, the price of vegetables and fruits were literally explode, showing a level rarely reached up to this point : a kilo of tomatoes cost 15 euros, for example ! Customers and traders are hoping that this scenario will not happen again.

“After that, it is necessary to put themselves in the place of the merchants, who lose a lot in these situations,” says Danielle, a Dionysian came to go to the market.

For Nadine, who was also passing by the Small Market, from the time of the price increase depends on the weather and not showmen, the customers must understand the situation : “This is normal. It is like that, it is necessary that we accept it,” she said.

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