«Risks of malnutrition» .. a seminar in the information center Tanta


On Monday, the Tanta Information Center organized a seminar entitled “Infectious Diseases and the Risks of Malnutrition” at the local unit in Damat, Qatour City. The symposium is a continuation of the initiative of the youth of Egypt to educate the community based on cooperation between the National Population Council, Tanta University and the State Information Service. Presented at the meeting were the Faculty of Medicine, Tanta University, Dr. Mustafa Yehia Kadri and Dr. Elham Khaled Shaheen, with the participation of Safa Shalabi, Secretary General of the Local Unit in Damietta. Shaheen spoke of infectious diseases, such as viral hepatitis, and talked about infection methods and the prevention of viruses C.B.A, and also showed methods of treatment of viruses, and explained the difference between viral hepatitis C.B. She spoke about the role of the state in providing treatment for the virus C, and reduce the rate of infection significantly. Dr. Mustapha Qadri pointed out that malnutrition is a deficiency of the basic elements necessary for the body, which lead to great risks to the community. He recommended a healthy health system that includes all the necessary elements of the body to avoid diseases of malnutrition such as obesity, anemia and iron deficiency. He pointed out that healthy food is to eat all vegetables, proteins and carbohydrates, asking to change the misconceptions that the proliferation of meat is the proper solution for the body. The meeting was moderated by Shimaa Mazroua and Hassana Al-Katami, under the supervision of Dhahi Hajras, Director of the Media Complex, and Samir Muhanna, Director General of the Central Delta Media.


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