Rita cries, tells about the beginning of her child being able to leave for Cambodia and is now a victim of captivity

TRIBUN-MEDAN. com, DELISERDANG – The detention of workers from North Sumatra in Cambodia was revealed after one of the victims’ families spoke up.

Rita Elita (46), a resident of Sekip Village, Lubukpakam District, Deliserdang Regency, admitted that her son Ahmad Sofian Nasution (22) is now being held captive in Cambodia.

Rita said that in the beginning her son was able to go to Cambodia and finally got the news that he was now being held captive.

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It started when Ahmad Sofian received information about a job in the country from a friend named Pio Patra (19). Pio Patra is said to have left for Cambodia first.

And currently Pio Patra is also being held captive in the same place.

“This friend of mine was looking for a job on Facebook at first. He met someone from Palembang who offered him. The woman said she was in Cambodia. They were told if they wanted to come, let them send a plane ticket, yes, that’s true,” said Rita, who was met at a food stall business. hers Thursday, (4/8/2022).

Received the contact number of the woman who gave the job from Pio, then Ahmad Sofian contacted her.

On that occasion, Ahmad Sofian was asked about the job offered.

“It is said that this woman and my child only work with consumers who invest in shares. I was asked if I have a passport or not. My son does have a passport, coincidentally,” said Rita.

Rita also admitted that she had time to communicate with the woman who was going to give her child a job.