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Rita Dakota admitted that she wants to do liposuction after the betrayal of her ex-husband

28-year-old Rita Dakota has published a candid post, in which she speculated on the theme of complexes in appearance. Singer said, that is ready to take radical measures in the fight for a slim figure.

The artist began her thoughts on Instagram with a story about, how she left the fitness project "Friends with the body. " During work, Rita quarreled with two friends, and after parting with Vlad Sokolovsky, she completely lost interest in what was happening in business.

However, the main reason for her departure from the project was a dislike for her own body. "After a difficult postpartum rehabilitation, complete ban on active sports only one phrase "to be friends with the body ”made me smile. What kind of friendship can we talk about, if i wake up in the morning, I look at my legs and understand, that they are not mine. I, of course, with humor treat their shortcomings, but if I could, I would be in the gym for three hours, until I had a body, with whom I would like sincerely "be friends, ”the star wrote.

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Most of all Rita was stung, that Vlad Sokolovsky, after the break, began to meet with a fitness trainer with a taut figure: "They are happy to train together, I still get out of bed with a crunch in my hip joints and can't carry my daughter in my arms for more than a minute. ”

At the end of the revelations Rita confessed, what works with a psychologist on his relationship with his own body. The singer decided on radical measures: she is ready to do liposuction. “In the last session, we seriously discussed liposuction. I am not kidding. The specialist supports me in this decision, ”the artist summarized.

Last August, Rita Dakota announced her divorce from Vlad Sokolovsky. Turned, that her husband cheated on her with dozens of different girls, With many of which Rita is familiar. Graduates "Star Factories -7 ”got married four years ago, and in October 2017, the couple had a daughter, Mia.

After the break, Vlad Sokolovsky began dating Natalia Sulyanova, by model, fitness trainer and ambassador Reebok. The couple traveled a lot, but did not post joint photos. And in the middle of January it became known, that the lovers broke up.

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