Rita Maestre Calls for “Safe Vote” to Change Government in Madrid


The Más Madrid candidate for mayor, Rita Maestre, has called for a “safe vote”, the one directed at her formation, “so that there is a change of government in Cibeles”.

He has done it from the EMT garages, where he has visited the company workers together with the regional candidate, Mónica García. “We have done the job of putting Madrid on our backs. We have been the only political force that has never given up on Madrid, that has been here when there were no cameras, when there were no elections, when important work had to be done, which is to go around the city, the Community, every day, street by street and neighborhood by neighborhood”, he defended ahead of Sunday.

“We have done the job of giving everything for Madrid and we hope that this effort will be confirmed and rewarded at the polls”, wished the candidate, who has insisted that “for there to be a change of government in Cibeles, the safe vote is the I vote for more Madrid”.

It is “a safe vote to change governments, to put public services in the center, to put public transport in the center, to put Madrid in the center, to stop wasting time with sterile and useless polemics, to govern for the city and for the people of Madrid”.

“We went out to win, we went out to govern the city of Madrid with a lot of energy, with thousands of votes and with many people who are waiting for their City Council to work,” he assured.

Rita Maestre has stressed that they have carried out a campaign focused on Madrid and always with a question to the citizens, how has their life improved in these four years of the PP’s mandate. “We are in the EMT and the answer is that, in terms of mobility, of the time we spend waiting for a bus in traffic jams or waiting for a Metro on a platform, the answer is no, four years later we Madrid residents take more time to move around the city, there are fewer buses, there are fewer frequencies”, he replied.

2023-05-26 13:11:56

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