River will begin a major renovation at the Monumental


Taking advantage of the months ahead in which he will play the home games without an audience, River Plate important work begins at the stadium Monumental: will change the entire floor of the playing field to make it a hybrid system state-of-the-art that will definitely end many of the problems that land has in the country.

The combination of a new reinforced turf and a state-of-the-art court aeration mechanism will bring the new playing field of the Monumental Stadium at the height of the best stadiums in the world, in accordance with the standards suggested by FIFA and Conmebol for international competitions.

Thanks to this new system -similar to the one implemented in the stadiums of Barcelona, Real Madrid and Manchester United, among many others- the lawn of the new field will be sustainable throughout the year, avoiding the problems caused by the transitions of species that were made until now. Nor will it have the problems that today suffers from water absorption on stormy days.

With these improvements, the soil will become more secure and stable for the development of the matches, which will result in greater comfort for professional soccer players.

To carry out this work, the playing field will be lowered until reaching the optimum level defined by the geotechnical study. done over the past few weeks. In addition, in terms of infrastructure, two very significant additional changes will be made at the Stadium: the athletics track will be eliminated and a new single tunnel will be built through which both the local team and the visitor will enter the field of play. These transformations will allow in the future advance with stands closest to the playing field.

The work is part of the annual plan for spare parts, which are financed with the Club’s current income, and will be canceled during the next twelve months. As for the deadlines, it will be completed in early 2021.

Technical description

What will the new playing field of the Monumental stadium be like?

The Monumental Stadium playing field will have a state-of-the-art hybrid lawn installed and a ventilation system at the level of the best stadiums in the world.

Healthier and stronger grass

The natural grass system reinforced with fiber injection technology will allow more hours of use than a traditional court. Aeration technology will help root development and lead to the growth of a healthier, stronger grass with better game quality and lower maintenance costs.

With these technologies, for example, the field of the Luzhniki Stadium of the 2018 World Cup could be kept in optimal conditions during the five weeks of intensive use of the World Cup (in which the same number of hours were used as a field of I play over the course of a year in the English Premier League.)

Excellent conditions in difficult climates

The aeration technology will also allow you to proactively manage the moisture content on the surface and remove excess water in seconds, which will reduce the risk of damage from bad weather conditions. It will also increase ventilation of the root zone, providing essential levels for healthy growth and mitigating potential problems.

Optimal course all year

With the aeration system you can have an optimal temperature in the root zone during the winter and summer months with its heating and cooling functions, which will prevent seasonal deterioration of the playing field.

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