Rivero heads the legislative commission that will investigate Odebrecht case


The deputy of the Movement Toward Socialism (MAS) Susana Rivero was appointed as president of the Special Mixed Commission of the Legislative Assembly that will investigate the connection of Bolivia with the case called Lava Jato. Rivero announced that information will be required from the Brazilian authorities. President Evo Morales requested the creation of a legislative body to investigate alleged bribes from Brazilian construction companies in Bolivia, in particular from the Odebrecht and Camargo Correa companies. The case already caused a series of complications to the authorities of the region. “We had the first session of the special commission that will investigate the bribes of the Odebrecht and Lava Jato case (…) where I was elected as president and the work plan was approved, which in its first phase agreed that , through the Assembly, the Foreign Ministry, the Attorney General’s Office and the Financial Investigation Unit, so that they can begin to inter-engage with their peers in Brazil, “he told reporters. Rivero affirmed that it will be a “titanic task” because of the difficulties involved in obtaining information from international trials and that it must also be through official channels. In this regard, the Minister of Public Works, Milton Claros, confirmed that it will cooperate with all requests made by the legislative committee on contracts signed by the Bolivian State. He even said that information would be provided to the parallel commission announced by the opposition, but he questioned whether political ambitions of discrediting were sought. (04/16/2018)


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