Riveros, the example that a fall is not a defeat

Miguel Ángel Riveros is the owner of the Tupi appliance house, one of the most important and renowned in the country, which he knew how to put in a prominent place after years of effort and hard work, thanks to his innate talent for business and for the sale of products.

“Succeeding in our country is not easy, since in our culture people who stand out or start to get ahead are thought poorly, and there is no support policy for entrepreneurs,” Riveros points out. He adds that one of the most difficult obstacles for him to overcome to reach success and to found his company was the lack of support. “I had no last name or track record and obviously no one trusted me, I had to earn reliability by hand, fulfilling my commitments to the letter,” he says today, recounting his business career.

Achieving that trust, in the beginning, took him years of knocking on many doors to get a loan from a bank. “I had all the doors closed, I remember that when I graduated, I joined the cooperative and in every loan I wanted to take out, they put all possible obstacles in my way because I had no background or track record, I had to knock on tables to be able to access the loans”, ensures.

Riveros even keeps in his memory anecdotes from that time when everything was uphill for him on the way to founding his own business.

“An anecdotal event that happened to me with a well-known company was that they denied me loans, I had to stand firm and get them to trust me, after so much insistence they gave me a small loan and it is currently one of our largest suppliers, with whom we have a solid bond and we always remember that anecdote”, he recalls now with some pride for the achievement of generating trust and then alliances with the entity, which gave him his first loan.

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the beginning. Riveros began to make his way in the difficult commercial world by opening a small bookstore, which decades ago represented a good business. “The big bookstores were in the center, but I located myself in a secluded place, towards the Tembetary neighborhood, on Eusebio Ayala avenue. Shortly after, bookstore products appeared in supermarkets and realizing that the business was not going to work for much longer, I quickly got rid of that business in search of another item. I thought of several alternatives and I aimed at the household appliances category, although it seemed very aggressive to me to try to open a business like this with little capital, ”he says today, but he decided to take a risk anyway and that is how his path to success began.

from dream to reality. “I have always been a dreamer. I thought about great things, about achieving incredible things and on one occasion I told my dreams to an older man, serious and good person, and he told me: ‘Then you are going to be super rich’, it seemed like a joke to me, and since then I I keep my dreams, because I have many and they are big”, comments Riveros, reflecting that he does not intend to give up.

He assures that his inspiration is those people who achieved great things, such as John D. Rockefeller, who innovated, developed and believed in his dreams, achieving the most spectacular profits in world history. “Humanity owes a lot to entrepreneurs like him, as well as entrepreneurs from other sectors, because they provide opportunities and quality of life to thousands of people,” he says.

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“Unfortunately, in Paraguay, entrepreneurs are not viewed favorably, since they are the engine of the economy and play an important role in each country,” he remarks.

Unlimited. Riveros rescues some teachings that were very useful for him to achieve success in his business life, such as the one given to him by a person who was very important in my life, since it helped him finish my secondary studies, the teacher Estela Achon de Ávila. Many years later, Riveros sought her out to give him a picture of her testimony and gratitude, on which occasion she reiterated to him, once again, that he was marked for her success. “Miguel, you have no limits, your limits are the stars,” his former teacher told him, which made him firmly believe in him and in his ability to succeed.

The first adversity I had to overcome was when some thieves emptied my living room, they stole everything from me. I fell, shook and got up; it was a restart. I always turned to help, because it is difficult to fulfill a dream alone.