Extra super freezers have also been purchased, especially for the vaccines that have to be stored at a temperature of -70 degrees. Furthermore, the preparation consists of arranging secure storage locations and, for example, transport and distribution. There will also be a national registration system especially for the Covid-19 vaccination. According to the RIVM, this is important with a view to registering, monitoring and warning of possible side effects.

The RIVM and the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport are currently consulting with, among others, the National General Practitioners Association, the GGD, company doctors, institutional doctors and hospitals about the ‘roles and responsibilities in administering the vaccinations.’ As far as possible, this is in line with how things went with other vaccination programs, according to RIVM.

RIVM has a great deal of experience with the coordination and implementation of vaccination programs, such as the National Vaccination Program, the flu shot and the pneumococcal injection. 25 million safety needles have been ordered in recent months.

In the political podcast Afhameren with Wouter de Winther: how is the cabinet going to vaccinate the Dutch in the coming months? And does the VVD idea of ​​working with a certain form of coercion have a chance?

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