Riyadh Newspaper | “Specialists” stress the importance of promoting mental health

For postgraduate health program trainees

“Specialists” stress the importance of promoting mental health

Specialists and those interested in mental health stressed the importance of enhancing mental health stability, safety from occupational burnout, and the presence of a supportive environment for trainees in health postgraduate programs, during a workshop organized by the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties in Jeddah today (Wednesday), to introduce the national framework for ” supporter”.

During the workshop, the attendees discussed the current health situation, the extent of psychological burnout, its effects and causes, the positive factors of mental health, and the deepening of the concept of wellness and mental health and ways to enhance it.

The workshop emphasized the importance of having a healthy lifestyle for the trainee, as this plays a role in improving the trainee’s physical and mental health, which will reflect positively on his training career to serve his patients efficiently.

The workshop reviewed the road map for the training centers, which explains how to establish psychological support units for trainees, with the highest standards of psychological services, and in a framework of high privacy and confidentiality. Psychological and academic health, and how to deal with trainees who suffer from occupational burnout or psychological problems.

It is noteworthy that the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties inaugurated earlier last week a supportive national framework, which aims to enhance a balanced and anti-professional training environment, as well as establish psychological support units for trainees in accredited training centers for health postgraduate programs (diploma, specialty certificate and fellowship of subspecialty). It is one of the “Da’em” initiatives launched by the authority, which achieved a satisfaction rate of more than 90 percent in providing psychological support services. It included many induction campaigns, e-learning programs, lectures, virtual and attendance scientific seminars, in addition to many conferences, field visits and workshops.