Riyadh Stock Exchange falls in first session of the week


According to the Constitution, the website of Al Wasat newspaper, which contains the news of the stock exchange, Riyadh, will go down in the first session of the week. Al-Wasat, the index of the Saudi stock market – TASI, the transactions on Sunday, the first session of the week, a lag for the third session in a row; pressure of negative performance of most sectors, to record less liquidity in 9 sessions, similarly delayed parallel market index – Trading to return to losses compared to his performance Thursday session. The TASI fell 0.8 percent, losing 65.88 points, to close at 8278.51 points. Trading recorded a decline of 2.96 billion riyals compared to 3.25 billion riyals in the previous session, trading 117.2 million shares against 138.53 million shares. The decline in the behavior of the sectors was dominated by “Media” at 2 per cent, followed by long-term goods at 1.8 per cent and real estate at 1.6 per cent. Leaders dropped, followed by Telecommunications by 1.5 per cent, followed by Basic Materials by 0.9 per cent and Banks by 0.7 per cent. The gains were limited to 5 sectors, notably “health care” by 1.6% and “energy” by 1.1%. Al-Sirai was the top loser with 9.99 per cent and a gain of 9.86 per cent. SABIC dominated the liquidity of 502.06 million riyals and Dar Al Arkan acquired 21.04 million shares. For the parallel market index – recovery, fell by 0.9% at the close of trading to regain losses lost 26.73 points, to drop to the level of 3064.33 points. Liquidity reached 308.82 thousand riyals, compared to 502.12 thousand riyals in Thursday’s session, by trading 18.95 thousand shares now, compared to 35.75 thousand shares last session. The share of Tawab Al-Aseel was only 1.6 per cent and Abu Muti up 0.7 per cent. Abu Muti took the trades with a cash equivalent of 149.45 thousand riyals and 13.4 thousand shares. “TASI” fell at the close of the previous week’s trading session for the second session with direct pressure from its major sectors, and the parallel market “recovery” to close in green. Please, if you like the news of the stock exchange Riyadh falls in the first session of the week, the participation of the news on social networking sites. You can also follow all news via Facebook and Twitter. Source : the Constitution


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