Rizal Ramli Sharp Criticizes UI: Worthy of Nyungsep’s Rank!

Suara.com – Former Indonesian Politician, Dr. Rizal Ramli criticized the rectorate of the University of Indonesia (UI) who summoned the UI Student Executive Board (BEM).

This summons is related to BEM UI’s sharp criticism of President Joko Widodo who is considered only selling sweet promises. BEM UI even referred to the number one person in Indonesia as “The King of Lip Service”.

Through his Twitter account, Rizal Ramli commented on the circulation of the UI rectorate summons for BEM UI on Sunday (27/6/2021). He pointedly said that the UI rectorate was like a security apparatus.

Not only that, the former Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia also assessed that the UI rectorate was acting like the neo-new order.

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“This UI Rector is like a security apparatus, very neo-Orba,” Rizal Ramli quipped on Twitter as quoted by Suara.com, Monday (28/6/2021).

Rizal Ramli Sharp Criticism of UI Rector. (Twitter/@RamliRizal)

Furthermore, Rizal Ramli admitted that he was not surprised to see the ranking of the University of Indonesia which was now considered to have fallen.

“No wonder the ranking is low,” said this Padang-born economist.

Rizal Ramli’s joke has been retweeted more than 1,500 times and got 4,200 likes. Many netizens also commented on Rizal Ramli’s insinuation against the University of Indonesia.

Most of the netizens highlighted the attitude of the UI rector who called BEM UI. Moreover, BEM UI’s criticism of President Jokowi is seen as a form of freedom of expression.

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This silence will never kill common sense, because it will continue to echo in the silence of everyone’s conscience. Reality is always much more real than just grammar!! Long live the struggle!! Conscience don’t die!!, “asserted the citizen.

This country has a severe character crisis. Critical thinking in this country is very difficult due to the act of sycophants, especially on campus where intellectual processes are actually inhibited and intimidated. Want to lead to totalitarianism, DO NOT HOPE!!, “criticized the citizen.

This is what is expected since the reform era, please pay attention. I regret that the Chancellor who made ministers and students afraid of the Chancellor. Later the students can be driven by the politics of power, “added another.

So remember when I was a student, I was suspended. But we did not back down, and it was also the era of the mother president. Hopefully today’s students still have big guts, “recalled the citizen.

The chairman of BEM UI, including the members who were involved in making the poster, maybe once the poster is published, your life will never be easy again. But I hope you stay healthy and have lots of sustenance. Thank you for voicing our aspirations @BEMUI_Official, “supported the netizen.

Immediately rushed to ask the students to appear on Sunday. Fear of being considered less loyal and less hot in licking Jokowi, quipped another.

UI Rector Calls BEM UI About Jokowi The King of Lip Service

The Chancellor of the University of Indonesia summoned the management of the Student Executive Board in the aftermath of posts on social media criticizing President Joko Widodo or Jokowi as the “King of Lips Service”.

At least 10 BEM UI students were summoned, including the Chairperson of BEM UI, Leon Alvinda Putra, by UI Student Affairs Director Tito Latif Indra on Sunday (27/6/2021).

“That’s right, because of the posting of the meme on social media, UI took a firm stance by immediately calling BEM UI on Sunday afternoon, June 27, 2021,” said Head of Public Relations and KIP UI Amelita Lusia

Amelita claimed that this summons did not mean to silence students’ freedom of expression, but UI assessed that the student’s actions had violated the rules.

“What was conveyed by BEM UI in posting a meme with a picture of the President of the Republic of Indonesia who is a symbol of the state, wearing a crown and bearing the text Jokowi: The King of Lip Service, as well as other memes with the text “He Says Strengthen the KPK But Why?”, “UU ITE: Revised To repress (?)”, “Demo was repressed later”, is not a way of expressing opinions according to the right rules, because it violates several existing regulations,” he said.

According to UI, this call is part of the student development process at UI.